Movie Review: Taken

Rated PG-13

Starring: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and a bunch of worthless sex trade thugs/goons.

93 minutes

Currently available to rent

I had heard a lot of good things about Taken before actually seeing it and it turns out the good things were warranted.

In this movie, Liam Neeson reminded me of a movie he made some time ago called “Rob Roy” where he played an 17th century kick butt Scotsman.  Much like his character in RR, he plays a man named Bryan Mills who’s a retired “preventer” (as he calls himself in the movie) aka CIA operative for the US government.  He gets his kicks now from spending what time he can with his 17 year old daughter whose young life he was mostly absent from while he was “preventing” bad things from happening.


Another movie that makes you want to learn how to rough up some thugs

Turns out he has to dust off those old “preventing” skills sooner than he had hoped when his daughter is taken (thus the name of the movie) by some black market sex trade thugs from her hotel room while on a trip to Spain with her best friend. 

Major ass kicking ensues along with some karate chopping, head butting and bullets of the fast-moving and especially harmfull variety.

For any father of a daughter (as I am myself) this movie plays especially prevalent into a caring fathers fears.  Fortunately, Liam Neeson’s character is very good at what he does and you aren’t left with an empty sad feeling at the end of the movie.  I wasn’t sad at all.  I was ready to learn how to disarm someone with my pelvis while kicking them in the balls while slapping them in the face while punching them through a window.

If it’s any indication how good this movies was… my wife even LOVED it.  That’s saying a lot since she never likes any of the movies I buy or rent.

Liam Neeson really kicks “A” in this movie.  Have a mentioned that.

Maggie Grace (of “Lost” fame) plays the unfortunate daughter who is taken and I think she does a good job playing a gangly, innocent, uncoordinated teenager… being that she’s actually 26 in real life.

16 year old Maggie Grace


26 year old Maggie Grace

The movie is also just over an hour and a half  (93 minutes).  It doesn’t drag on and on which is a definite plus.  It builds the characters just long enough for you to get the idea… then Liam tears all the enemies new assholes.

If you’re watching this movie with your kids… there’s not really any blood and gore.  It’s rated PG-13 so we were initially like “Eh… is this going to be that good?” but were quite pleased with the fact that a movie like this could still capture your attention without a high body count, explosions and body parts.

So I’m going to start this portion of my blog out on a bang and set the standard for movie goodness.  I give Taken five out of five cookies and creame ice creame sandwiches.  Yum.

Go out and see it today… you will not be disappointed.  I promise.


6 responses to “Movie Review: Taken

  1. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    I started to rent “Taken” the other day, but decided instead to get “Australia” (probably because it has Hugh Jackman in it). It was very entertaining (my critique), but I shall get “Taken” next. If I hadn’t read your review first, I doubt SERIOUSLY that I would have recognized Maggie Grace in the movie! Holy Cow! She looks so totally different. Btw, you never have answered my questions from your “Wanna Know Me?” section. Harumph.

  2. loved this movie too! i was pleasantly surprised that Liam could still BE such a badass! LOL … anyways. good review. you made me want to rent it again! (redbox here i come!)

    • chriskoenig4324

      Thanks for the props on the review becca… expect more reviews… I got a lot of them… although my wife doesn’t think my reviews are all that interesting

  3. I’m glad you liked it. I also enjoyed it a lot. It was not a movie I thought would make any kind of impact, but it ended up being quite the thrill-ride.

  4. I’ll be seeing this movie very soon…the metaphor for how God feels about the devil stealing what’s His is just too good…

    I’m sad that you think a movie has to be R in order for you to even give it a chance, though. :o(

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