Keeping Up With The Morons

It’s unfortunate that Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest girls on the planet because if she wasn’t I’d be ready to tie her family to a missile and shoot them into outer space to never grace us with their moronic family reality show again.

I’ll be the first to admit to you that I am a Kim Kardashian fan exclusively because of the way she looks.  Everything else about her lifestyle, attitude, fame and fortune annoys the living crappers out of me… but she sure is purdy.  Is that shallow?  I don’t think so. 


Seems that executive producer Ryan Seacreast didn’t think everyone got enough of the Kardashian family from their show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” so he decided to create a spin-off called “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami” which follows Kim’s two decidedly slow sisters to Miami where they open up another one of their overpriced clothing boutiques ran by employees better fit to create drama than create a healthy working environment.

I’m not the most selective in what I watch at the end of the day.  Usually Daddy’s Little Girl has just gone to bed and I find myself crashed out on the couch looking for something to catch my eye on the TV.  I found myself watching the most current episode of  KKTM which was focused on Kourtney’s impending reveal to her family that she was *gasp* PREGNANT!  Pregnant, mind you, from her ex-boyfriend who had repeatedly ran around on her in KUWTK, cheated on her, etc.

But that’s besides the point I really want to make.

This episode immediately took a turn to the extremely disturbing (for me) when Kourtney very flippantly started commenting that she might abort her baby.  The reasons varied from, “My family doesn’t like Scott“(the father) to “The timing isn’t right”.

Perhaps I’m a little ignorant to what goes through a persons head when they consider an abortion but the way she conveyed it really struck me deeply.  She talked about it like she was contemplating getting rid of an annoying freckle or wart.  It wasn’t a big deal.  She was just going to wait it out and see how she felt in a couple days.

It really conveyed to me the state of our world right now and how fucked up we’ve gotten (yes… I said the “F” word).

When Kourtney referred to taking this abortion she didn’t say she was going to get rid of “this mass of cells” or “it”… she called it “her baby”.  That implies to me that she believes she already has a child no matter how tiny it may be at that time.

Circle illustrates where the baby is… not where her brain has landed

How jaded have we become as a society when we can freely kill children and know we’re doing it?  Because it’s “legal”?  Freakin’ stupid idiot celebrity.

I’ve always been an advocate for “Life Begins At Conception” and believe that if you’re stupid enough to play with the reproductive organs that God gave you then you better damn well be ready to play with that baby that’s the result of it.  Put on your “Big Girl Panties” and deal with it.

Now I’m not saying that people don’t make mistakes and get pregnant out of wedlock or get pregnant when they don’t want to… but when did destroying a life become an option?  If you don’t want the baby… then there are plenty of people out there that do… especially the ones that are medically unable to have kids.

I have read stories of girls that have had abortions and they become insanely depressed, regretful and suicidal.  I’ve never read a story where a girl says “Having an abortion was the best thing I’ve ever done!”  It doesn’t happen that way.

It completely goes against the grain of the way we’re made as humans and it pains me to think of the millions of young impressionable girls watching this “reality” filth.

Our world is screwed.

After saying all this, I would never angrily confront a woman upon finding out she was considering an abortion or had even had one.  I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the mountain of situations that have led to a woman getting pregnant… but I know that every situation is incredibly different and complex.  Being a man, I can’t imagine the incredible variables of stress, tension, anxiety and depression that result from being pregnant.  Indeed, a life is forever changed when a baby is thrown in the mix.  But no matter what the situation is that’s exactly what “it” is: a baby.  Not a mass of cells.

In some ancient cultures, husbands would throw the babies they didn’t want off a cliff.  What’s so much different in our culture with abortion?  We’re just getting rid of the baby in its very miniscule developmental stages before it looks like a baby instead of throwing it off a cliff once it’s born.  As they say: “outta sight, outta mind!”

 All in all… I’m not mad at any individual who decides to have or did have an abortion (although I will be incredibly sad and will try to talk you out of having one).  I’m mad at our overall society that has painted a picture that this is okay.  Who do you point your finger at… who’s to blame?  I can start with the media and shows like “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami”.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m sure tender eyes and ears were watching Kourtney as she talked about getting an abortion and the foundation was laid in the deep inner recesses of their mind that abortion is okay.

We as a society are so far away from God… we can’t differentiate right from wrong anymore.

On a bright note… Kourtney decided to keep her baby and in her defense she’s just a product of her society.  She’s allowed herself to become jaded to the idea that the fertilized egg in her body is not a child at all.  If she truly understood what she was doing I completely believe she would never even have considered having an abortion.

I envision what she’ll say to her kid when he/she is old enough to watch these old tapes back when “mama used to be famous” and understand why mama so flippantly thought about aborting him/her.  If I was that kid… I would have questions.  I just hope she’s ready to answer them.

You morons are going to make WONDERFUL parents!  On a seperate note… there are few dudes out there that look more douchebaggy than THAT guy… good grief…


3 responses to “Keeping Up With The Morons

  1. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    Hey, that was a pretty good rant, big boy. Would you care to join “Rock For Life” (American Life League off-shoot)and walk in the “March For Life” in DC in the freezing cold of January? I’d like to. Maybe you could give this speech. The media won’t pay it no never mind…they never do.

    The “reality show” world is about as shallow as a toilet bowl, and pretty much where most of them belong.

  2. Our world IS screwed. You never spoke a truer word!

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