The Big Bang

No… I’m not talking about when Bunny and I made a baby.

Without being greatly versed in scientific, scriptural or spiritual jargon regarding the creation of the universe… I’d like to make my stand on what I believe.

Quite simply… scientists and atheists can make all the arguments they want about how the world was created.  Something like… *BANG* the Universe started in a black hole and spit out other little galaxies which spit other little planets, then one celled organisms turned into fish which turned into birds which turned into dinosaurs which turned into monkeys which turned into humans who then invented the wheel and then the iPhone (or something along those lines) COMPLETELY BY CHANCE!!

I can see and understand how maybe… just maybe… all the components to make the tiniest one celled organism could all come together in vast space to create what looks like or appears to be a cell… never mind a human being.  But what creates life?  What is the magic spark that suddenly springs this cell into life?  What about the emotions we exhibit… the sparks that travel between the synapses in our brain… the thoughts we hold in our mind.  Or even the human eye in and of itself is so ridiculously complex that somehow it could come to pass completely by chance is mind boggling to me!  How did these come to be?

There has to be an intelligent creator: God.

To think that life was created out of nothingness completely by chance… seems more insane to me than the thought from atheists that God is a fairy tale like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny.

Unfortunately, I cannot claim to be a great theological mind or claim that I’ve been studying with great evolutionary scientists but I know that I’m not stupid.  I know that if I was greeted by the sneers of a group of blue blood atheists who thought I was an unintelligent Neanderthal who mystically warped up their evolutionary chain… I quite simply wouldn’t care.  I know my stance is completely viable.  I would, however, sadly recognize that they are a product of where this World is going: the shitter.  Yes… I said it: the shitter.

I guess the perfect reality is Heaven.  Something the Earth is far from. 

The Earth is not free from the stain of sin… thus it is to be expected from us, whom free will was given through God’s unwavering love, we are going to screw up… and have screwed up quite royally it appears. 

Myself included.  I was born with original sin.

I tend to wallow in my own self pity at the mistakes I’ve made and continue to make.

What makes me truly sad though is the thought of a dying atheist.  What’s their take? Where do they go?  Aside from the fact that death beds are not fun places to in the first place… I’m sure there’s a lot of doubt around the death bed of an atheist.  I’m sure many questions come to mind before they slip away that none of us will ever know.

“Maybe I should have given that ‘God’ thing a shot.”

That’s purely speculation… but I can’t believe they wouldn’t hope there wasn’t something else after this life is over.

I don’t claim to know all the answers, or claim to be the Earth’s most perfect human and I certainly don’t want to be high and mighty.  What I am certain of though… is that the supernatural force of God is there and although we can’t physically see it with our eyes we are trusting too much on what feeds our eyes that will only be here for a short time.  When we are gone, our spirit and soul will still be alive and well… and what are we doing to feed it and keep it alive?

The answer for many people is “nothing”.  They feed what makes them happy for a short time: money, clothes, cars, etc.

Perhaps if we want proof that God indeed does truly exist… we need to go back to feeding our souls.  Something atheists quit doing long ago.

I struggle quite often… wondering where God is.  But I know… whether you believe in Him or not… comparing us to God is a bit like comparing the intelligence of Albert Einstein to the intelligence of a crumpled up piece of scotch tape.    I can’t even remotely pretend to know what’s going on or why I can’t “see” Him.

What I do know though, is that I need to do what He taught in the Gospel.  It is a proven book of love, compassion and self-sacrifice.  Even the most hardened atheist can see that.

If your life is full of what He taught and full of love, compassion and self-sacrifice… you won’t need to “see” Him… but you’ll feel Him in your soul: the very mode of transportation to your journey into eternal life with Him.

God is Love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in Him.  1st John 4:16

*BANG*… it all makes sense to me now…


7 responses to “The Big Bang

  1. The group of guys I meet with once a week are studying First John. Good verse, thanks for the post – See you there!

    • chriskoenig4324

      Thanks Makarios. I may not be the most versed or most scientific… but I’m pretty passionate about what I believe. Thanks for your comment

  2. You should read Mere Christianity if you havent already. C. S. Lewis. Good stuff. He touches on this very subject in fact. I like this blog… I added it to my “favorites”.

    • chriskoenig4324

      I haven’t read it Patrick. Although I have read several of his other books. He’s a great writer.
      Thanks for adding my blog to your favorites! I hope you keep coming back man

  3. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    Good thoughts, Chris.

  4. Although I don’t agree with you that God is the center of existence, I understand your beliefs. Truly, my only problem is that you state “Perhaps if we want proof that God indeed does truly exist… we need to go back to feeding our souls. Something atheists quit doing long ago.” I don’t classify myself as an Atheist, yet I don’t believe in a higher power. That being said, I still “feed my soul,” and to make a statement saying that you are doing something that others are not (and that you are the better for it) only shows a lack of faith you have in your belief. I can promise that you can make statements about who is right until you are blue in the face, yet it doesn’t make it true. Also, take into consideration that you don’t have to talk other beliefs down in order to validate your own. Be at peace in knowing that you have found what you feel is the best fit for your life and only hope the same for others, regardless of whether or not it is the same belief system as yours.

    • chriskoenig4324

      Michael! Thanks for commenting… a little debate does make things more interesting!

      I do want to say that it certainly wasn’t my intention to hold myself in a position of being so much better than anyone else that doesn’t hold the same beliefs I do. If I did then I’m sorry because I certainly am not better than any one else… in fact… I’m far from it.

      I thought my stance on this topic encompassed a pretty wide range of beliefs in God. I was simply trying to say that I don’t believe in the fact we are all here by chance and that we need to start looking elsewhere for answers because where we are going isn’t working… I guess in my eyes anyway.

      It sounds like you feel somewhat the same way yet hold a more agnostic point of view compared to mine and while I have approached that stance at different points in my life… it is not the stance I arrived at. If you don’t think that I haven’t run through every option in the book then that comes at your own opinion.

      I really don’t even understand what exactly you’re trying to argue because you’re not saying youre an atheist yet you’re defending their “belief” in, quite simply… no intelligent creator, no God, no nothing! Their belief is science, evolution and the big bang. Science is their religion and while science is great… it is not God and it is not a religion.

      If you are truly agnostic then it means you believe in “something”… yet you’re not quite sure what. This conveys to me that there are a lot of questions you still might have of which I don’t have the answers and you have to arrive at on your own.

      While I am not comfortable with arguing religious issues most of the time because I don’t think I was being especially “saintly” most of my life… I’ve certainly earned the right to have the stance I have now. If I want to do what millions of people have done before me and proclaim what I believe to be truth (see Darwin, Richard Dawkins, CS Lewis and the Pope) then I’m certainly entitled to do that on my blog. There are certainly more one sided opinions than mine out there.

      I have certainly read and heard the seething hate for God and religion that has escaped the mouths of those at the forefront of the atheist movement and I don’t think that my one post exactly equals the vehement potrayal of a World created from chance that the ever growing atheistic movement would have you believe.

      With that being said, are all atheists seething with hate? Not at all. Am I seething with hate? Certainly no.

      From where I stand… if I didn’t try to do something in my own little way before I die and meet my God… then what was I here for?

      I’m sorry if you feel as though I talked anyone down but please don’t put words in my mouth like I’m a better person than people who don’t feed their souls and that I’m saying these things because of the lack of faith I have in my own belief. I have been through more spiritual pain than I ever thought immaginable and will probably go through more. We can always have more faith… but to tell me my faith is lacking conveys to me that my faith is weak… and that is entirely untrue.

      I know you have arrived at your stance because of the life you have lead. This post wasn’t to try to make anyone change their belief system but to simply portray mine. I certainly am not in any position to make you change. Hopefully, at some point in our lives, all the pieces of the puzzle can come together, and we can arrive at the same place together.

      Peace and love brother…

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