What Totally Does It For Me Right Now?

AMP Energy Drink (Lightning)

I never thought I could get addicted to caffeine… but what AMP has shown me is that I was way off base.  Being a former Red Bull employee/drinker I never though I would stray from the brand that created the energy drink market but one fine morning several months ago I discovered this elixir that forced its way into my morning routine.

The only bright spot in my morning and on my trip to work is the excitement that builds in my chest waiting for those first gulps of this liquid happiness.  I cannot and do not attempt to drink my AMP until I am sitting at my desk, my computer has finished loading and my morning prayers are complete.  This routine is truly a product of my OCD because if for some reason I drank my AMP on the way to work or before I finished my prayers… I would feel extremely guilty.  Why?  I don’t know… that’s just the way I am and on my list of OCD issues… this causes me no anxiety.

Weekends are a problem because the convenience of me traveling to work and by a 7-11 is no longer there, so I’m forced to extricate myself from my house to the 7-11 that houses these golden energy drink bouillons and release from my grasp the $2.27 it costs to buy one.

7-11… convenience store or a vicious black hole to lose all your money on caffeine enriched soda hybrids… you decide…

In fact… I am so addicted to these that I gave up my lunch money I withdrew at the beginning of every week in order to vindicate buying these every morning.  I used to withdraw a certain amount of money for lunch through the week… now I pack my lunch and save that money for my morning AMP.  In the long run… It actually saves money for us and I get to eat healthier AND I get an AMP!!  It’s a winning combination.

At around 9AM every weekday morning… I get real depressed because that’s around the time I usually find the last carbonated bubbles at the bottom of my legal crack juice.  It is at that time I’m forced to forge on through the day, depending on the pounds of sugar, B vitamins, guarana, ginseng and taurine I just ingested to keep me awake and focused.  Usually it lasts for a couple hours and then… I crash… and so does my face… on my keyboard. 

My AMP thoughts are quickly replaced by decidedly more awesome thoughts of making it home, playing with Daddy’s Little Girl and mugging down on Bunny after DLG goes to sleep.  These are much more valuable things than this stupid drink… but for one period of time during the work week… I can hardly contain my excitement.  I’m focused on that feeling the nerves in my lips get when that sharp feeling of a newly opened AMP hits them, races down my throat, magically gives me a head change, then turns into pee about 30 minutes later.


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