I’m Going To Run A Marathon… Eventually…

So I made a decision to run a marathon.  Okay… not a full marathon… but a half-marathon.  That’s still 13 freakin’ miles people!  No small task for a “runner-hater” like myself.  The marathon that I want to run in also isn’t until April 2010 either so I have some time to mentally prepare for it, eat some ice cream, watch some TV, take a nap, etc. 

My interest was peaked after a girl at my work proclaimed that she was in training for a marathon in Washington D.C.  I usually work out harder when I have something I’m working towards to I thought that this might be a good idea.  This would help me shave a few of my excess pounds I’ve gained and get rid of my saggy teets that I seem to be acquiring somehow.  I guess I’m really about to turn 30!

There’s no way I would win since it seems the fastest time ever completed in the marathon was a little over an hour and fifteen minutes.  Yes… THIS PERSON RAN 13 MILES IN AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES!!! That’s like 5 minutes per mile!!!  I can barely run a mile in 10 minutes.  What kind of freaks are these people?

So, why would I want to do this?  I guess to prove to myself that I can do it and cross it off my list of things to do before I die. 

Well… it wasn’t on my list until right now.

I’m going to add it because what’s the point in going through all this if at the end I can’t take my red pen and scratch through “Run a marathon” while sighing in contentment.  The answer is… there would be no point.  Other than being in fantastic shape I guess.  That’s just a bonus.


4 responses to “I’m Going To Run A Marathon… Eventually…

  1. AWESOME idea! I’ll join you!!

    Wait. No, I won’t.

  2. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    Well. Well…hmmm…well. THIS is an interesting
    twist. I just heard that your former 4th grade teacher runs 20 miles a day and is getting ready for a marathon (don’t know which one). How about that for inspiration (you can’t let her outdo you!!)? I think she’s on FaceBook if you wanna check it out. But think about it, Chris: you have to RUN. You know, move your legs back and forth, faster and faster, until you’re gasping and panting and feel like your whole body is going to collapse in upon itself, like a black hole in space. Your Dad will LOVE this!

  3. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    By the way, what’s with the icons on our comments? How did “it” come up with a little perplexed looking house for me? I like Jenni’s better. i want it! Wahhh.

    • chriskoenig4324

      It’s honestly just a gamble mama. You can’t change because honestly the perplexed little house fits you at this point!

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