Happy Hallow-Freakin’-Ween

My family never really celebrated Halloween… I never went trick or treating… I never really got to dress up… I never got that experience. 

Then I got cursed when I got bit by a magical gopher.  Now I turn into a wolf every Halloween.

I don’t let it get in the way of my work though.  In fact I can hear things a lot better on the phone with my increased sense of hearing.

Daddy’s Little Girl doesn’t even seem to be phased by my horrendous transformation.  Oh yeah, and I won “Best Cursed Human Being” at work.

Bunny was also “cursed” several months ago when she was bitten by a radioactive pair of thong underwear and now turns into a sexy Little Red Riding Hood.  How weird and appropriate is that?

My wolf alter ego still has a penchant for the finer things in life.

The Blue Man Group happened to be in town.

When I transform back to my normal self I’m really worn out (more hungover actually).

In an unbelievable random turn of events, Daddy’s Little Girl was bitten by a mutant banana cookie and is now cute… all the time.  Okay… that was already the case… but she looks really cute as a kitty cat.

We hung out with other cute mutant children

We let her run her little cute mutant self rampant in the neighborhood to wreak havoc by grabbing all the candy she can (for her daddy)

Too much sugar causes random acts bursts of blitther blather.

We were one happy cursed mutant family on Halloween…



3 responses to “Happy Hallow-Freakin’-Ween

  1. Holy spumoni, I cannot believe Story was not terrified by your costume. It scares me!

    On a side note, she is an absolutely adorable kitty cat, even if her whiskers are coming out of her temples.

  2. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    Holy Spumoni #2…I couldn’t either! I will never forget Martin dressing up like Frankenstein and ~ 2 yr.old Anya wailing away, clutched in his arms! And he wasn’t nearly as scary as you. Where did you get that thing?

    The pics of you and LRRH are hilarious…*ahem*…i mean, good grief…I mean…holy s…omething or other.

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