Not Much Today… Only This…

In an effort to get my blog out to the masses… I’ve been doing my research with other “daddy” or “husband” or “Kim Kardashian/Megan Fox Worshipers” or “AMP Drinker” or “Randomness” blogs.  One of the things about having your own blogs is that it’s work!  If I ever want my blog to reach the masses and change lives for the better like I’m sure it’s destined to do… I have to travel to other blogs, make comments, bring traffic to their blog and eventually I’ll be able to quit my job and make money blogging all day because of my extensive advertising paid for by IBM, eHarmony, Amazon and McDonalds.  I’m really on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the blogosphere so you may see some more links in my posts to other blogs that I find interesting and eventually I’m probably going to start another page titled “Blog Roll” or “Blogs-R-Us” or “A Whole Crap Load of Blogs” or “Blogapalooza” or something in that vein.  Anyway, my first experience with another “daddy” blog specifically was here: Baby Roadies.  I don’t think any of this guys stuff is necessarily deep or spiritual in any sense… but it has without a doubt some of the funnier stuff I’ve seen in a while.

Like this:

You have to admit… that’s pretty funny.

Or this:

Wakey Wakey

It just occured to me that this dude doesn’t appear to have posted in over a year… so maybe he fell off the blog train.  Regardless… it’s funny to read some of his stuff.

Later peeps


2 responses to “Not Much Today… Only This…

  1. Ahhh.. I love both of those pictures. If you didn’t know the 2nd picture is actually a book on Amazon. They have the title listed as Safe Baby Handling Tips (Board book).

    I’m guessing you read alot of BLOGS. You know a person could have a following if they comprised all of the information of being a daddy into a central location… Think like an encyclopedia for dads..

    • Hey Jonathan… thanks for commenting. I figured it was from a book… my wife got a board book that had similar pictures in it regarding being pregnant and it was hilarious.

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