In order to find my voice among the millions of other ramblings in the blogosphere I’ve tried to think of something unique to peg on myself that would stand out.  Alas… I guess I am not that interesting because I’ve come up with nothing.

Or… perhaps I have!?

In everyone’s own inimitable way… they have something to offer this world.  Since I seemed to fall far short of my childhood dream of someday sitting next to David Letterman and talking about my next movie… I have moved to plan B: reach the masses (or small crowds) and invoke laughter, tears, anger, happiness and the gamut of other emotions through the blogosphere.

If that doesn’t work… then I’ll move on to plan C: pitch my reality show called “Real House Husbands of Oklahoma City.”  I’m surprised no one’s thought of it already.  Don’t steal my idea… I’ve already got the name copyrighted.

Each person on this planet is uniquely set up with their own stories of childhood, young adulthood, husbandship (word?), fatherhood, etc. As well as their own ideas, opinions, hopes, dreams, worries, fears and fantasies (!).  I am no more interesting that anyone else on this planet other than I am willing to lay it all out there.

I live a fairly transparent life on this blog.  This would be fairly different if you were right in front of me.  I think at those times I tend to be fairly unfriendly and quiet… at least until I get to know you.  What I’ve noticed happen in my 100+ posts I’ve written since becoming a blogger is that being transparent (to an extent and within reason) is good therapy, good for the soul and good for a few laughs now and then.

So I suppose I’m not going to find my unique voice on the endless pages of the internet.  Perhaps my calling card is that I’m a painfully normal, happy, content, still undersexed husband and a father of a beautiful girl who likes to write about whatever he’s feeling that day.  There’s something uniquely refreshing about that I think.

I just hope that those who read what I have to say find some enjoyment out of it and see what it’s like to live through my eyes.  Who the hell knows… maybe some things that I write will mean more to some people than they mean to me!?

All in all, I want to know that what I write doesn’t just get lost in the black abyss of cyberspace.  I want to know that on any given day at any given time someone could read what I write and smile, laugh, cry, frown or react in a million different ways… but come away with something.


7 responses to “Transparent

  1. I love the dark hair on Mindy! Chris you are correct, Mindy is and will always be a beautiful woman no matter what color her hair is. I do like the dark better than the blond only because it add more color to her face and makes her face come alive. Chris you have a beautiful family.

  2. I actually said to Paul the other day, UNPROMPTED by your email, that I really though Mindy looked good as a brunette. Guess I should have said it to her instead of Paul. I know how she feels, I’m a natural blonde, but have been red and brown, and I had to grow into the different colors. I have learned to love being a very dark haired brunette lately (almost black!).
    Red was probably the most fun, but there is something striking about light colored eyes and brown hair. Very striking, and it just so happens that the brown hair compliments Mindy’s skin tone better as well. I VOTE FOR STAYING BRUNETTE!!

    • Very good point Erin. Thanks for the response… I think these are all starting to add up… Mindy MAY BE starting to come around!

  3. Blonde is flashy, but blonde is an easy trick to turn heads.
    Mindy is a head-turner as a brunette, and that is more complex.
    Go brunette – at least for awhile. It is a woman’s rite to change her hair!

    PS to Chris- Yankees!

  4. Hey just happened to pass by your blog when i goggled “mullets”. the pic of the hairy guy with bleached long hair came up.

    Anyway, just want to say your wife looks amazing with dark hair!! i mean, she looks great with blonde hair but she looks absolutely gorgeous with dark hair. the transformation is just W.O.W

    I also think it’s sweet of you to realise that she doesn’t like it and that you let her decide what colour it stays in. The dark colour DOES a nice job in bringing out the contrast between her hair and her skin.

    Your daughter’s really cute too. You’re a lucky guy! Here’s wishing you and your family all the best.

    • well… I hope you become more of just a passerby and visit more often! Thanks for the kind words I really appreciate it! The tally is really working in my favor on this hair issue. My wife still wants to switch back to blonde though. Darn it.

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