Would You…

… trust this man with your daughter?

Rapper Little Wayne… excuse me “Lil’ Wayne”.

I didn’t think so.

… ever wear two pair of jeans to Wal-Mart?


… or see anyone wearing this at Wal-Mart?


More pictures like this here.  One of the funnier websites I’ve seen in a while.

… go to this blog: I Eat Snowman Poop or “The Poop” for short.  Funny name I know but there’s equally as funny stuff there.

… also go to this blog: Poop and Boogies, another funny name I know but some pretty insightful “dad stuff” there.

(Just realized these two blogs have the word “poop” in the title… seriously)

… read some of my old stuff: The Chris 2.0… I’ve hardly written anything that funny since…

… ever admit that you watched this movie:

Yeah… I wouldn’t either…

… sing a song like this to your kid when they’re learning to potty? I would.

Would you keep reading my blog? Thank you.



One response to “Would You…

  1. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    Please do not post anymore photos of scary looking…er…guys (read:freaks). My blood pressure shoots way up when you do that and I’m afraid to go outside the house.

    WalMart is my favorite place for wierd names, never mind wierd people. I love reading the name tags on the check-out people. Either their parents couldn’t spell or they just wanted to frustrate their progeny something awful.

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