Chicken Legs

I’ve been told I could wear small brassiere.  My two brothers and I have all been blessed with large pectorals.  Even before I started working out I had a pretty nice chest set-up.  But what I have in chest circumference… I lose in calves. 

I have chicken legs.

Real unedited photo of my legs.

This is partly why I started tattooing my left leg because the idea was to create an illusion that there was something there hiding behind the tattoos.  To a certain extent I think it hides it a little… but a nice tree trunk of a calf would make things remarkably better.

If you smarties are out there saying, “Well… why don’t you just work them out you big dummy?” The answer to that question is, “I did.  I did.  I did.”

It is no secret that I enjoy working out my upper body far much more than my lower body… but there was time when I really tried hard to expand the real estate around my calf area.  It just did not happen.

I believe I’m just always destined to have skinny calves.

At least I’m not stuck having to try and hide something on my face:

Such a friendly looking freaky dude.


6 responses to “Chicken Legs

  1. Men NEED to work their legs out! I was admiring the physical attributes of a man at the gym last night who looked as though he had been blown up with a bicycle pump…but forgot the bottom half!

    You don’t look unproportioned like some men…that lower half is so important!

  2. Our poor child has no chance when it comes to calves. We are both missing in that department!

  3. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    There you go again with the scary looking guys. Are those tattoos really? It looks more like paint. I’d hate to see that face when he’s like 85 years old.

    I used to have nice calves. Sigh. So maybe there’s a chance for Story (and Pam inherited her Hungarian grandma’s legs!Nice!)

  4. dude i feel ur pain. iv been doing a hundred sit ups daily for years and i just can’t get the abs to show. stomachs flat just no abs. side note enjoy your blog, very entertaining. had a good read on your tattoo history but sounded like you went to a few shady places. also i understand the small frustration as to wondering if people are reading your stuff, i do a small blog on my msn for friends, but never now how many of them read it unless someone leaves a comment(my blog no where as extensive as yours). so good job and keep on writing..

    • Hey Mandal… got your comment on my other blog. Thanks for making the switch. I really enjoy the blogging avenue… good therapy you know. Hope you keep coming back! Hopefully I can keep it up! Thanks again for the kind words.

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