Who Needs Toys…

… when you have COUCH PILLOWS!!!!!

As a child, I loved piling all the pillows in the house together and then tunnel into the middle of them like a gopher.  So it’s only natural for me as an adult to revert back to my childhood when I play with my own kid.

The great pillow tunnel entrance.

They don’t make ’em much cuter than this…

Exiting the couch pillow fortress…

She wanted to bring “meow” along.  I say three’s a crowd.


Smiles don’t come much prettier…

Daddy’s hair doesn’t get much more pathetic looking.  Good thing I gotta a good looking girl to make me look better.


5 responses to “Who Needs Toys…

  1. AWESOME couch fort. One of the best parts of having kids is getting to do stuff like that again. You guys are both adorable!

  2. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    Now THAT does take me back! Can you post some of the pillow forts you (and Matt) made way back when?

    I swear if Story’s eyes got any bigger or any bluer, they would be lasers. Too cute!

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