Five Questions

1.  Do you think farts are funny?

You all know the answer is “yes”.

2.  What’s a good new TV show I should start watching?

… since Rock Of Love isn’t on anymore.

3.  What’s something I should write about next week?

If no one can think of anything I’m going to write about this.

4.  Which should I learn to do first: break dance or kung fu fighting?

I mean… they’re both so similar…

5.  Short hair or long hair on me?

Also notice the blonde and dark contrast of Bunny’s hair… she hates that it looks so good dark!!


13 responses to “Five Questions

  1. Very funny.

    Alternatively, you could write about this:

  2. LONG HAIR LONG HAIR!!!!! You are super sexy either way but I am lovin’ your hair right now…totally makes you sexy times 10.

  3. 1. if I don’t have to smell them
    2. Castle
    3. write about your suckiest Christmas moment…I know you have plenty to pick from. Maybe throw in some advice about how NOT to give horrible gifts to your children.
    4. Kung Fu, no question
    5. long.

    Just my opinion, but I think you need to remove “musings” from your byline. If I had a nickel for every blog I’ve seen with “musings” in the byline or title, well…you know the rest…same goes for “random”, come to think of it…

    I suggest something like “fighting the good fight, one _______ (fill in the blank) at a time”.

    • I LIKE the suckiest Christmas moment… I will write about that for sure.

      I’m really really trying to come up with a good byline and haven’t had much luck. I will definitly work on it sissy. I like the suggestion… just gotta figure out what to put in the blank spot…

  4. ok #1. agree if u don’t have to smell them. but as i say everybody poops we just make different poop faces. 2.if you’ve never seen flight of the conchords. and get into heroes. 3.dude i can’t think of anything your blogs are hilarious and suprise me at how creative and funny your writings are. 4.break dancing its a great freedom of expression.. any dancing really. 5.hmmm short or long..?? i do both, let it get wild and crazy messy and all over the place, then i buzz it and start all over again..good times.

    • Man… I was a big Heroes fan for the first two seasons and then it just got all convoluted and confusing. I was real dissapointed because I really wanted it to be cool. I’m a huge fan of super hero movies so I was dissapointed it didn’t do it for me any more.

      I have written a post about farting. I don’t know if I want to post it though because I fear readers may think of it as 2nd grade laughs. Oh-well. On a slow day I’ll probably do it.

      Thanks for continuing to read Mandal.

  5. ditto everything my mother said! LOL…

    love the long hair on you, and the dark hair on Mindy. you guys know you’re like, the most gorgeous couple evar, right?

  6. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    Farting is only funny on little babies (& then it’s called tooting). Otherwise, it’s just crass, or embarassing (or both).

    Do you see a TV around here? I didn’t think so.

    Please…don’t write about sucky Christmas presents, it depresses me. Write a paean of praise to ME. That should be easy (hehe).

    Kung Fu seems more exotic for some reason. Why don’t you and Mindy take dancing lessons? You’d be so cool doing the samba or the tango…and you could exchange steamy looks. After all, in break dancing, it’s all about you…what fun is that?

    Yeah, I like your hair longer. Btw, I was looking at some photos of Mindy when we gave ya’ll the cookbook. Her hair was dark then, and it looked GREAT! (sorry, Min)

    I like Jenni’s idea too; how about “one DEMON at a time”?

  7. NO to farting. Gawd, we should not be forced to smell someone’s insides!

    Sex Rehab with Dr Drew on MTV is a great show! Not the sex part, but the counseling and talking about how our addiction to love can mess up loving relationships. Reminded me of the blog you wrote about the beginning of you and Bunny.

    Your hair is better long and Bunny looks good with all hair color. If she wasn’t sweet, I really would be jealous of her for that!

    • I have watched the sex rehab show and it is interesting… it is crazy how people can get so messed up. I find it more interesting than the drug rehab show he had just because these people aren’t dealing with an addiction to a drug substance… but more psychological issues…

  8. came via dad blogs…umm glee is a good show to watch lol as for your hair, the short makes you look like a badass, the long makes you look more gentlemanly. bunny’s hair is way better dark esp since it makes her skin tone better and makes eyes stand out. the two pics look like bad boy w good girl and good guy w bad girl ;0)

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