Quick Hits

So… I ain’t got much to say today.  Only this:

I know that these things are pretty much old news but Bunny and I discovered this thing that takes warped pictures of your faces on our computer and couldn’t stop laughing at the above picture after we took it.  Just to be fair… here’s a picture of me as well:

I said I was going to plug some other bloggers every now and then so here’s a few for you to check out:

Luke, I am Your Father: Seems this guy is a lot on my level

Nerd Dads!: Just fun for nerd dads like myself

& Boobs, Ballgames and Beer: “A Blog By The Only Chick With A View From The Mancave”.

… and finally, if you’re a guy and want to just zone out for a while, burn a few brain cells and watch Jaime Pressly roundhouse kick some dude with a green moustache then watch this movie:

It’s about the furthest thing from Forrest Gump you can possibly watch… but I hear it’s based on a true story!

I’m going to go shove a 2 x 4 down the damn dogs throat that won’t stop barking about two doors down from us now…


4 responses to “Quick Hits

  1. Great plan as for that DAMN DOG!!! REE DICCC ULOUUUSS I tell ya

  2. You look like Letterman.

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  4. Nice! She actually looks a little like Cruella Deville in that shot. Had me laughing too.

    Thanks for the shout out. And I think you would be a more interesting guest too.

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