So… the last 10 days have been somewhat of a whirlwind.

About 10 days ago, Bunny threw me a 3-week early surprise (30th) birthday party… and I was VERY surprised!!

Me (standing in the background… in black, not the white haired, white shirt guy)… shocked!  Who’d a thunk?

Little beknownst to me… our good friend Tabi bought me what I had been asking for this year: A Scanner.

Me and a picture of said “Scanner”.

I had asked for a scanner because I wanted to be able to preserve many many pictures I have of which there are no negatives.  Also… I wanted to be able to scan pictures to illustrate some of the things I may talk about on this blog frequently.  Also… I wanted to see if I might be able to scan my ass.

So… after the party ended, I happily thanked everyone for their attendance and gifts, I thanked my wife endlessly for throwing me this “surprise” birthday party for me of which I had “no idea what was happening” and off I went installing my “CanoScan LiDE 200”.

It was quite easy actually. 

Here was my first scan:

You might be saying, “Awww… what a cute picture of Daddy’s Little Girl!”  Well my friends that is actually a picture of Bunny when she was just a tyke herself!  What a fascinating thing this “technology” where you can magically take something from the outside world, some black magic happens inside the scanner and then… it’s on your computer!  Forever frozen into your hard drive!  Unless, of course, your hard drive is dropped from the nearest cliff, slips into a smoldering volcano or used to tip a one-eyed midget cab driver in Chicago… then it’s really gone.

So… I was ready to scan some more things when this happened:

My two brothers passed through on their way to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving and we decided to throw mass amounts of fermented barley and hops down our gullets (as well as some aged grapes in fancy bottles)… making me unable to have a desire to scan much of anything.  I also had surgery to replace my eyeballs with tiny shiny crystals.

Then this happened:

This is Daddy’s Little Girl several days later at my Mom and Dad’s playing in leaves.  I was too occupied with keeping her cute to worry about scanning anything.

Then this happened:

Thanksgiving.  I was too fat to even move.

So after all this… I was able to then focus on scanning some stuff.

First, this cartoon my mother cut our for me that I thought was extremely funny and appropriate:

Seeing that I have OCD and all

Then she gave me this cartoon that I thought was funny too:

Seeing that I’m a huge fan of AMP Energy Drink and all

Then I scanned this:

That would be my face.  Not my ass as I had originally planned… although some might call me an “ass-face”.

Anyway… much more to come this week of more subtance…

Thanks for hanging with me through Thanksgiving.


6 responses to “Whirlwind

  1. Wow…that picture of you and the brothers…just…wow. Matt looks the same as always (are we sure he’s alive? Or did he get taxidermized at some point?) and Paul looks like he’s made of wood. You look like a small fox is chewing a hole through your abdomen into your stomach.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart (haha!) for not posting a picture of your scanned buttocks.

  2. I really liked your new crystal eyes. Very shiny. Ma says she is humbled that you put those cartoons on there. I say, never tip a one-eyed midget cab driver more than a flash drive. See you guys soon (maybe)!

  3. That above commment from “Jenni” is actually from me. Forgot to change the ‘from’ information on her computer before I commented. oops.

  4. Bunni's Friend Billie

    OMG Chris, you are hilarious! I remember my first scanner. So.much.freaking.fun.

  5. Love the picture of Mindy. I was just telling my husband how much they look alike.

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