Five Questions

1. What do you like about my blog?

You like the random nature of what I talk about?  You think I talk about Daddy’s Little Girl just enough?  You think I talk about my wife just enough?  You think I’ve got it all figured out? 

2.  What do you not like about my blog and/or what can I improve on?

You don’t like the random nature of what I talk about?  I could talk about Daddy’s Little Girl more?  I could talk about my wife more?  I could be funnier?  I could be more serious?  I could add some flashier stuff on my web page?  Anything goes here people…

3.  Can you write a caption for this picture?

4.  Who has time to do Soduku?


5.  Kim Kardashian vs. Megan Fox in a cage fight to the death… who wins?  Whoever wins will subsequently be ranked #1 on Papa K’s “Hottest Woman Other Than My Wife” list.


My money’s on Megan…


7 responses to “Five Questions

  1. I like the random nature of your blogs. Not having one particular subject is what makes them interesting. The humor definitely helps, as Bunni and I discussed during cardio.

    “Does he really make you take all these pictures?”

    The caption for the picture would definitely be Dads Gone Wild.

    No time for soko whatever…and I would vote for Megan. She’s my girl crush.

    • chriskoenig4324

      I know a lot of girls who have Megan as their girl crush. Thanks for being the only one to answer any of my questions!!!

  2. I’ll have you know that I am a fan of sudoku. Have you ever tried it? It’s not as hard as it looks…

    Megan would definitely kick KK’s butt. No question. And I’d like to see it happen, soon, if you please.

  3. I felt bad that you didn’t get very many responses, so I thought I would throw my opinions in.

    1. I love the random part of your blog, some days serious, some days not so much, but its always interesting. Its also inspiring to me to work on my blog (that I started over a year ago and can’t get anywhere with).
    2. I think you should take letters from your readers
    3. I like the caption ‘Dads Gone Wild’ as well…
    4. No Soduku for me, although my husband used to play it
    5. I have to go with Kim. Sorry I’m just not a Megan Fox fan at all!

    • Hey Kristi… thanks for the feedback. I have a quick question… can you give me an example of what taking letters from my readers means?

      • Yes, maybe once a month or week or however often you want, you could answer a question from your readers. It could be anything from a serious question to a random question and you could answer serious or silly or both!

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