My Tattoos: What They Mean And The Stories Behind Them: Part 3

Part 1 HERE

Part 2 HERE

Number 9:  I always liked the idea of having a pin-up tattoo, but wanted to incorporate my wife into it somehow.  So I simply found a pin-up photo I liked and substituted Bunny’s face. Unfortunately, when dealing with facial features, it’s hard to represent what you’re trying to convey on a tattoo of the size I chose.  Now, if I had gotten a pin-up tattoo covering my entire back, some of the smaller idiosyncrasies of Bunny’s face would make it clearer who I was trying to represent… but the artist who I chose to accept the challenge of permanently inking my wife’s face on the body of a pin-up did an acceptable job. 

After dealing with the dragon lady, her mammoth husband and their fantastic double-wide trailer in getting my last name tattooed on the back of my arm… I decided to go elsewhere to get this more intricate tattoo.  I came across this artist in the Paseo district of Oklahoma City who came with a fairly impressive resume known as “Rodney”.

He is probably the most slow-moving-yet-genuinely-interested-in-the-details artist I’ve ever gone to.  It took him forever to complete the tattoo and the end result I felt was somewhat depleted by the aspect he was TOO careful in making it look real.  The skin colored ink was exactly that: the color of my skin.  So… with a tattoo of a girl in lingerie it looked like some red stockings, a teddy and some eyeballs.  It wasn’t until my follow-up appointment that I convinced him to outline the body parts that were almost the same color as my skin.

If I had it to do over again, I would probably go with something a little more cartoonish that way the lines in her face would be a little more defined and so much detail wouldn’t have been spent making it look “real” as opposed to looking sharp and having it “jump” off my arm.

Tattoo before the outline was done around the flesh tone…

and the tattoo after the outlining…

Total cost: $350

Number 10:  I went back to the same artist for this one despite my concerns with the way the pin-up had turned out and I was glad I did.

Some artists deal better with certain bits of art over others and when it came to this tattoo, Rodney did not disappoint.  The lines are harder, the colors are brighter, there’s not as much shadowing and the tattoo does indeed “jump” of my arm.

I always had a fascination with “Mom” tattoos.  People have been giving props to their mom’s for years with tattoos and I thought my mother should be so honored.  I decided to stray away from the typical heart that says “mom” on it with an arrow through the heart.  But rather, have “mom” on a heart with wings on the heart… because my mom is indeed… an angel.  Probably a saint in fact.

I added “dad” on a hammer because my father has worked by the sweat of his brow for everything in his life, built our childhood home and dedicated 35 years of his life to an oil company from which he is now retired.  Aside from the work aspect… he is also a tireless man, hell-bent on having things his way and tries to control everything he’s involved with.  I thought a hammer best represented him.

When Rodney was done with this especially tender area to get a tattoo, I was extremely pleased… elated in fact.  It’s positioned on my arm perfectly and is completely symmetrical. 

My mother didn’t know what to think.

Total cost: $250

Tattoos 11-16:  Since I probably won’t be able to get an arm sleeve anytime soon due to the restraints most work environments put on you to keep tattoos covered… I decided I would begin the long and arduous process of getting a leg sleeve.

I’m a big fan of the Marvel superhero movies (Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc.) and started to become interested in the artwork of these characters.  Despite not having a history behind any other these superheroes, I decided that having the coolest characters represented in my leg sleeve would make one damn cool tattoo.

Unfortunately, Rodney moved so I was left without an artist once again.  Believe it or not, tattooing finally got completely legalized in Oklahoma around this time (Ridiculous? I know.) so I found a guy through a heavily tattooed friend of mine from the gym.  His name was Curtis and he gladly accepted this challenge because a full leg sleeve means big money over a length of time since it takes a while and depends on the recipients’ cash flow.

I went with some of my more favorite characters and some that would translate the best into a tattoo.  I finalized the first six as Spiderman, Human Torch, Gambit, Ms. Marvel, Nightcrawler and Emma Frost.

This sleeve is still a work in progress.  Currently I number these tattoos as numbers “11-16” when in fact it will eventually all be “one” tattoo because once all the characters are complete… a background will blend them all together.  While I have all my current characters completely finished I plan on getting at least two more superheroes (probably Hulk and Wolverine… maybe Iron Man) before beginning the background which will more than likely be a burning city.

Spiderman and Nightcrawler before color…

Spiderman after getting colored…


… and Nightcrawler after getting colored.

Gambit before coloring…

Gambit after coloring (hurt like a beeeeooottcch!!).

Ms. Marvel before color…

Ms. Marvel after color…

Emma Frost before color…

… and Emma Frost after color.  Just so you know… this is Bunny’s least favorite tattoo. 


But when you look at the stricking similarity between what I was going for and what he put on my knee… you have to admit he did good work.

Finally the Human Torch… I unfortunately don’t have a pre-color picture of him.  He is really probably my favorite just because of how brilliant the colors are.

Total running cost to date: $1500

More recently, when Daddy’s Little Girl was born, I deviated from my superhero tattoos, dipped into the savings and shelled out $260 on her name over my heart.  That would be tattoo number 17.

Now you know Daddy’s Little Girl’s real name… I’ll have to kill you now…

As having the “sickness” to believe that the ultimate form of respect is to get a symbol of someone close to you forever tattooed on yourself… it was the utmost logical thing to do in my mind.  I didn’t give it a second thought.  I even placed it a little closer to my collarbone so I’d have room to place more names under it… when that time comes.

Total running cost of all tattoos: $2900 which is equal to a nice 55” television or a new matching sofa and loveseat or about 1850 cans of AMP Energy Drink… however you wanna look at it.

I don’t spend money on a lot of things… but spending money set aside for myself usually involves getting myself bludgeoned with a tiny needle millions of times until the end result is something permanently placed into my epidermis. 

So… that’s all my tattoos.  They won’t be my last (sorry mom!).  If there’s one thing I can tell you, don’t believe that you’re ever going to get “just one”… because it’s awfully hard to stop.

Happy tattooing folks!


22 responses to “My Tattoos: What They Mean And The Stories Behind Them: Part 3

  1. so do you think, one day, you’ll just be one giant tattoo all over?

  2. soooooooooooooo getting at least one tattoo before i die! :o>

  3. dude the guy doing ur marvel leg, is doing amazing work. can’t wait to see it finished. its’ true it is addictive though i have 2 and getting a third this week. ink away man!

    • Mandal!! I was wondering where you went my friend! Good to have you back!

      • im back i was on vacation, just now trying to catch up on my reading your stories.haha. have u thought of getting the guy doing your leg to working on your bunny pin up, just to add some more realism to her?

  4. I’m with Mindy. The Emma Frost tattoo is just disgusting. Sorry.

    The rest are cool. Or as cool as something that will look stupid as hell when you’re old and saggy can be.

  5. My favorite is the Spiderman tattoo, the colors look so vibrant! Does it still look that bright or was is it because the picture was taken right away after getting it done?
    I also love your Daddy’s Little Girl tattoo. I want a tattoo for my son, but I can’t decide where I want to put it or what I want it to be. Will keep thinking about it!

    • The Spiderman tattoo picture was taken right after I got it done. Unfortunatly… the colors don’t stay that vibrant!

  6. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    Oh I know what to think alright. And you know what it is. Frankly, the Mom/Dad tattoo is frightening. I feel slightly blugeoned (if that’s even possible). I think tattoo “artists” should employ psychologists on site to advise clients.

    No comment on Emma Frost. Sheesh.

  7. feels like there should be a pic of how these are all working together? Or are you saving it for the “big reveal”?

    • chriskoenig4324

      One day when they are all joined together… I will show them all working together. But… at the rate it’s going it may be another 10 or 20 years.

  8. Okay, I have found this post, obviously. 🙂

  9. I actually have the same emma frost tattoo on my forearm and i must say mine is a shit load more detailed and alot closer to the actual picture i kept the bench and the rose and the stone path as it adds some depth and doesnt look like she is just hovering your colors are off alot just plain white is not how she looks because of the setting sun there is alot of reflected colors that were not incorporated into it your outline is ridiculously thick black my ouline. All in all fuck you for taking my original idea and getting this shitty artist to butcher it brutes why is she looking down for fucks sake!! that’s not in the picture

    • chriskoenig4324

      I did it just to piss you off Matt. Who says you have to stick with the way the original picture actually looks? The eventual end to the whole leg piece will involve a background where everything will tie in together. Didn’t you read what I wrote or did you just look at the picture? I took out the rose and the stone path because it wouldn’t go with how my leg will end up. The line work is difficult to do on a knee because the skin stretches and makes the line look bigger than it actually is. I wasn’t aware that you wrote a rulebook on the proper way to get tattooed. Take anyone aside who has a decent amount of work done and they’re guarenteed to have some work that doesn’t quite cut it. So, sorry it doesn’t look “a shit load” better than yours but I gotta say you either gotta be real tough, really drunk or high to leave an anonomous comment directed at how one of my tattoos look. A mark of a true douchebag. Way to go.

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  11. Are you going to do the other leg in DC?

    I’ve given serious thought to Captain America’s shield or the Green Lantern’s symbol.

  12. so just to complete my stalkerish image, i’ll say that i love the ‘story of my tats’ blogs…i have wanted one for a loooooong time and have never gotten it because i could never decide on what exactly i wanted. sigh.

    • Watch out Holly… once you get one… it’s nearly impossible to stop. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for reading!

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