Five Questions

1.  What’s the number one thing you hope Santa brings you this year?

Since I already got everything I wanted for my birthday… I wouldn’t mind seeing this movie again for Christmas!  Also… this:

2.  What’s more disturbing?

Fat guy in a Mini Cooper


 Just Tara Reid in general?

3.  What question would you like to ask me?  Anything goes!  You could ask me about my favorite soft drink or you could ask me about my favorite fast food place or you could ask me about the growth I once had in my bellybutton that looked like a swollen tick!

4.  If you were abducted by aliens and they gave you a choice of one memory you did not want erased… what would you say?

A truly inopportune time to be abducted for sure…

5.  Fill in the blanks: “Once upon a time there was a girl named ____________.  She had huge ___________ and a _________ like _________.  One day when she was _________, she met a boy named ________.   She was very _______.  Then they __________ and lived happily every after.  THE END. (get your head out of the gutter)

A shot of Bunny and I taken in the year 2078.  I’m still horny for her.


6 responses to “Five Questions

  1. Humm..for Christmas I would like continued blessings in 2010 to keep me home with our baby.
    Fat Guy & Tara are equally bad
    Question: If you cant have that fancy camera..whats next on your list?
    Memory: Our child being born, then I would never forget my princess
    Too lazy to fill in the blanks
    PS The picture was stupendous for 2078

  2. 1.happiness (yes i know it’ll be hard to wrap) 2.fat guy driving the car and tara rinding shotgun. 3.question were you in the movie 2012 playing the role of Gordon?(tiny resemblance) 4.want to remember my parents. friends i can meet again. 5..dude too many blanks too much thinking, its late hahhah.

    • To answer your question: No I wasn’t in that movie. In an alternate life I probably was seeing that being an actor was one of my dreams…

  3. 1. For Christmas I would love an iphone or Bon Jovi tickets
    2. While I think Tara Reid is cute as can be in the American Pie movies, you managed to find a very disturbing picture of her…
    3. Question? I have so many! I think I’ll go with how many siblings do you have?
    4. The memory I will cherish forever and hope to not lose is the birth of my son. If I could remember the entire day, that would be even better because the entire day was one of my favorites!
    5. Not witty enough to fill in the blanks…

    • 2. Tara Reid is cute… but if you google her… most of the pictures that come up are disturbing!

      3. I got’s 2 brothers and 2 sisters… I’m the youngest by almost 10 years

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