What To Do For An Encore?

Well Christmas is over…

Now let depression take over.

It’s always so hard to face the New Year because so much time, effort and excitement is put towards Christmas… so that when it’s over… you haven’t got anything to look forward to anymore.  There’s always those “New Years Celebrations”… but those are just an excuse for most people to drink alot of rubbing alcohol and gasoline.  I guess there’s Valentines day… but that’s just not the same.   Then you’ve got “New Years Resolutions”… which are usually forgotten by mid-March or so (an upcoming post on my New Years resolutions is coming).  So there’s really not much to look forward to until next Christmas.

But… it was an awesome Christmas… full of fun, laughter and… well… snow actually…

View from the front porch…

We quite literally got snowed in for Christmas.  It was the craziest amount of snow I’ve seen in Oklahoma in quite some time.  For once… the Oklahoma weathermen actually got a forecast right!!  When the storm hit… I was working (on Christmas Eve mind you) and had to drive home in it.  It took me two hours to get home from my work which is about 10 miles away.

And I was one of the lucky few who didn’t wind up like this…

But… a nice white Christmas added to the Christmas feel for when Santa came and laid out all the presents for our household. 

Earlier in the week when we spotted Santa coming out of a local strip joint.  He smelled like cheese fries and booze but DLG didn’t seem to mind.

He’s actually lucky he didn’t his cranium split in half with my baseball bat because when I heard his fat ass squeezing through our chimney at 3AM I thought someone was breaking into the house.

Daddy’s Little Girl’s presents…

Bunny’s presents…

My presents…

DLG had been through one Christmas already… but was only about 5 months old and could really care less.  This time… I think she got the idea

She loves her princess chair/bed.

She also loved her little kitchen complete with all the accessories.  She’s right where a little lady belongs… in the kitchen.  FYI – that was a joke… I’m totally kidding.

If you read this post… you’ll know that I showered Bunny with gifts this year.  Probably more than I ever have.  I don’t really know why. 

Wait.. oh yeah… because I love her.  And she’s hot.

Bunny displaying her favortie gift of the crapload I bought.  Let me just say… I ain’t gay or nothin’ but I can pick out some SHOES!

… and they’re the right size!!  Damn I’m good…

I got some good stuff too… nothing to eventually trade for a wallpaper job but good stuff nonetheless.  I got this from Bunny for the Wii we bought several days ago:

I freakin’ love it.  It’s an awesome game.  I know we’re centuries behind everyone because we just now got a Wii… but I guess I’m just catching up. 

It’s almost as much fun to watch Bunny play the game as it is to actually play it:

I’ve never laughed so hard.

And she bought me this:

I’m reading it currently and I fully expect, that when I’m done with it, to be bigger than Google.  Don’t worry… I won’t forget about you guys: The Little People… who are going to help get me to the top of blogosphere.

After the Christmas presents were opened I unfortunatly was unable to throw this giant snowball on Bunny while she took a shower:

So I ate it instead.

And we eventually had to brave the snow and ice to take our nice warm butts up the road to Bunny’s grandma’s house for Christmas.

The two most beautiful girls this Earth has to offer… it doesn’t get much better.

DLG also got to experience the phenomenon known as “snow”‘ for the first time… and thought it was delicious.

If there’s one thing she has to learn: stay away from yellow snow.

Despite it being a white Christmas and the fun involved in introducing DLG to it and the sheer excitement you get from looking out the window at something different… it did have it’s downside.  It prevented us from being able to see my family as they live a good 2 1/2 hours away when there’s no snow!  But… once the snow and ice clears… we’ll have a delayed Christmas with those beloved folks.

All in all… it was a great one.  I look forward to many more in the future with my little family.  I hope you and yours all had a good one as well.

Remember though… even though it’s nice to get “stuff”… it’s never more valuable than those you get to spend Christmas with:

I’ve already got everything I’ll ever need…


10 responses to “What To Do For An Encore?

  1. Awesome photos! I agree about the depression…it’s just hard to face winter once Christmas is over. *sigh*. But I think I’ll make a list of all the things I plan to do this next year (not resolutions…just plans…), and remember the sunshine and warm weather ahead, and that will make me feel better.

    But nothing replaces Christmas. Nuthin.

  2. I agree with Jenni! January sucks, but plan-makin’ helps a bit… hehe.

    Niiiiiiice job picking shoes! Shoes like that make me wish i were at least 2 inches shorter than i am… Siiiiiiigh. 😛

    And i need to get Wii Sports Resort. Everyone keeps telling me how awesome that game is!!!

    Glad you guys had a Merry Christmas! Did you ever make it out to bville?

    • we didn’t make it to Bartlesville unfortunatly… we really really wanted to make it but it was just a little too dangerous. Also… the turnpike leading into bville hadn’t been cleared either… we’ll hook up with everybody in a couple weeks…

  3. Well, I agree there is a little bit of a down after Christmas, but I have Groundhog’s Day to look forward to-it’s my birthday! 🙂 I’m glad you all had a great Christmas! I know my little one had a great time! She did not want to come in from playing in the snow! You aren’t that behind on the Wii; we still don’t have one! 🙂 Looking forward to you becoming famous with your blog! Hope the book helps!

    • Well… Happy early birthday!

      When I appear on Letterman… I’ll make sure and mention everyone who was with me when I was just an elementary blogger!

  4. looks like you guys had a great time! i live in new brunswick canada and we didn’t get snow at all, actually it warmed up and melted most of it away. but fun for DLG to get snow. sooo funny the video of bunny playin wii resort! just wait till u have 4 people playing the boat race one that is hilarious… any ways enjoy, can’t wait to read what have to say next year. cheers!

  5. First and foremost, Bunny’s new kicks are amazing. We share a desperate love of shoes 😉 Second, the video is hilarious.

    Third, you and Bunny make me believe in love.

    DLG is so beautiful, she is a perfect blend of you and Bunny.

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