Five (Good) Questions

1. What’s your New Years Resolution?  Watch for an upcoming post on mine.

Are you going to stop

Maybe you want to  more!

Maybe you want to stop being a !

Maybe you want to learn how to ?

2.  So I’ve been reading my “how to get rich and famous by blogging” book and it keeps pushing the issue that I need a “theme”, i.e. baseball, parenting, celebrity gossip, blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda.  Since all of you are my disciples… tell me if I should stick to my “random thoughts” or should I start focusing on one particular thing to write about?  Preferably something I write that you find I’m particularly good at expressing or that you find helpful to you… or that makes you wanna poop yourself because you’re laughing so hard.

3.  Do you want to read a very informative and highly educational post I wrote about farting?  The more people who say “yes” will see it published in an upcoming post. 


If there’s more “no’s” then I’ll go ahead and post something about how I used to have this strange swollen tick-like looking bulge in my bellybutton that I eventually had to get removed because I knew I would never be able to get married with it.

4.  Would you rather see “Avatar” or “Sherlock Holmes”?  Whichever one gets the most votes… I will go see and write a movie review for you… because I know you care what I think.


Who will get my $8?

5.  What was your most fulfilling Christmas present this year?  Be worldly.  As I mentioned earlier… mine was this:

The more people who answer the questions… the more fun this will be people…


8 responses to “Five (Good) Questions

  1. posting mine on my space.. im focusing on me this year in pursuit of happy. 2.dude keep to the random.. i love never knowing what u’v written about or how its inspiring. 3.i wanna read BOTH! they sound like a great read!! 4.seen both .. see avatar. both good but this was better never mind that its 2hr and 40min its amazing, especailly in 3d.loved it. all 5 season of alias can’t wait to watch all over again, great show. but it was the friends that reconnected with me. TA DA..

  2. I’ll stick with the routine, 1.I think I’ll do 2 things this year, work on my health and weight (with everyone else) and learn to knit! 2.I love the random too! You express everything so well, I like the broad spectrum 3.I don’t know that I prefer one over the other and which ever one you post, I don’t have to read the whole thing. 🙂 4.I’m looking forward to Sherlock Holmes, I haven’t seen either but heard good reviews for both and of course I’m looking forward to seeing Robert Downey Jr! 😉 5.I’m jealous of mandel, I love Alias, but my most “fulfilling” Christmas present was my sewing stuff, lots of stuff I needed and am excited to use! Of course even though I hated traveling in the snow, I really loved seeing Madison play in it! So that was a good Christmas present too! 🙂
    By the way, hope you and/or Mindy are checking out my blog too, nothing fascinating, just passing that along. 🙂

  3. 1. MY NY resolution is to be a better person. There are several facets, some of which I have already put into motion, but basically some true self-focus. P.S. I quit smoking recently!

    2. I love your random thoughts, but being a paid blogger will probably require you to write on topic. I really like love, marriage, parenting, as you have a really good realistic take on those things, and EVERYONE wants to learn about it.

    3. NO!

    4. I saw Avatar last week. When the girl behind the counter described it to us, my date said, “you lost her at another planet.” But surprisingly, I absolutely loved the movie and normally hate anything sci fi. FANTASTIC graphics!

    5. I had a few great presents. My mom bought me a new camera, and Dani made me an apron with her handprints. Not so much the present as much as her little face begging me to open it two days early, so proud 🙂

  4. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    I have GOT to quit eating! Resolution? Yes.
    Jenni will kill anyone who doesn’t vote for Sherlock Holmes! So that’s my vote.
    Actually, I haven’t gotten all my presents (and neither have you!)…but you know, all four of your Dad’s sisters sent us really cool things. Simple, but cool; one was a book I just finished called “The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society”… stupid title, but lovely, lovely story. I’ll show you the others this weekend. Random is good, but you know I love all your stuff about DLG and your spirituality. Love you.

  5. Nice one given props to your mama – we love that kinda stuff from our little boys.

    1. I don’t do NY resolutions. I really feel like this is the middle of the year and years start in September for me. Blame all that free public schooling I got when I was a kid.

    2.Random. It’s nice to laugh out loud sometimes and reflect quietly others. If you’re serious ALL the time, eventually I will stop reading. Besides, it makes me feel better about being random on mine if others are too.

    3. Farting. Hands down. (There is a really good post about “Pooping at Work” which I can’t link to on this dang phone, on a blog called “We know what causes this”. Google if you can and PEE FIRST!).

    4. Holmes. Duh.

    I also hear the Avitar is rather anti-Christian/pro mother earth. I dunno, but you really can’t beat Downey.

    5. Yarn. And Harry Potter VI. I can’t decide.

  6. 1. No NY’s resolution for me…cause I never keep them anyway.

    2. Keep with the status quo. Sometimes I’m in the mood to read your sentimental blogs about how DLG has changed your life and sometimes I just wanna poop myself…not literally of course.

    3.On the whole farting thing..I will be SO disappointed if you don’t post it.

    4.I’m thinking Holmes

    5. My bestest Christmas’s a toss up between the new 32″ HDTV or the gift certificate I got for a massage…which I redeemed last night!

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