Quick Hits

Love this song:

“Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains”

What???? Crazy awesome song. It’s my new ringtone.

Love this show:


Who knew that the pawning business could be so interesting! 

Answer: Not Me

Who knew that the “History Channel” had anything interesting to watch?

Answer: Not Me

It’s amazing the stuff people just bring in that they “happened across” in their attic or basement i.e. a check that was actually signed by John Hancock HIMSELF or an authentic Civil War coat… that they then want to sell for $2,000!!  NEWSFLASH PEOPLE – that’s a once in a lifetime artifact that I’d hold on to if I were you!!

Anyway… the show does make history interesting as the dudes that man this shop are pretty savvy in knowing what’s fake and what isn’t and give a short synopsis of the history of the item itself.

The best is when someone things they have a real Civil War gun or a whip used by Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark and it turns out they just have some crappy replica not worth more that the boxer briefs they’re wearing.

Love this book:


Bunny got this book for me for Christmas.  If you know me… then you know I hate to read.


This book is great.  I’m not even halfway through the third chapter and I’m hooked.  DLG is only a year and a half old but reading some of the things in this book bring tears to my eyes regarding things that will come in the future.

Being a good father and husband is all I really want to be in this life.  Seriously.  This book helps solidify that for me.

Love this photo:

It captures everything I ever imagined in being a father.  On Christmas day… it isn’t about me any more… it’s about her and her baby doll stroller. 

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On the other end of the spectrum…

Hate this show:

“The Situation” and “Pauley D” of “Jersey Shore” on MTV show us how many brain cells they currently have operating in their pistachio sized brains

Okay… how freakin’ stupid does MTV think we are?  Seriously!

#1 – Who names themselves “The Situation”… what does that even mean?

#2 – “The Real World” is lame enough without having to substitute 8 strangers for 4 meatheads and 4 hoochies on the beach…

#3 – It’s nice to see guys aspire to be so classy as these steriod freaks

#4 – Anyone who wears a rosary obviously isn’t smart enough to realize it’s not actually a necklace…

#5 – Shows like this make celebrities out of total low life, low class, spoiled overtanned douchebags who live to party until they wake up one day to realize they are totally empty and without purpose…

MTV is really becoming more of a vehicle to use if you’re needing to throw up that fish sandwich you just had at Long John Silvers that entertainment these days…




Fast food seafood?  That just doesn’t sound right…


5 responses to “Quick Hits

  1. Yeah. You always see guys in prison shows and movies wearing the Rosary like it’s a necklace. What’s up with that?! They can’t get an actual Catholic to confer with for peoduction of the movie/show? Does the costume designer just think, “Hey, this guy should be ‘religious’. Let’s put a rosary arounf his neck.”

    Or better yet, they’ve got one tattooed on. I like me some tattoos (got a back piece and a sleeve, to name a few) bit I don’t know about dem rosary tattoos. What do you think?

    Now my daughter, she’s 3. SHE sometimes puts a rosary around her neck – but she’s THREE.

    Um, rant over.

    Nice post. 🙂

    • Hey Mama… nice little rant there. As far as tattoos of rosarys go… I would have to say in the right circumstance it would be acceptable. Certainly Nicole Richie who has one around her ankle doesn’t quite get the concept. Also… you have a sleeve? I’d be interested in taking a look at that. What’s it of?

      Thanks for continuing to read!

  2. Yes, I do have a sleeve. I had wanted one since I was a kid (16). When 5 years had passed and I *still* wanted one (21) I got it. Took about a year of 6-8 hour sittings once a week. It’s a mixture of.faeries and custom stuff, pixes, frogs, hedgehogs, naked ladies (hey, I was 21!, and they have wings so technically their “faeries”), a green man, etc.

    I’ll see if the hubby can photograph it and pop it on the blog. Although, I’m sure in the archives under “Joy” there’s probably at least one picture of me where you can clearly see.

    And you’re welcome – for reading. I added you to my list on my blackberry. I do most of $y blog reading while nursing My Lovey (he’s 16 months). 🙂

  3. ok couldn’t see the book. what was it? and i agree with jersey shore its retarded oh i feel dumber for knowing its on tv. although there are a few shows i feel that way about too. yep fast food seafood that just doesn’t sound good at all… plus iv heard the stories form people who used to work in places like that and well… don’t eat there. nice pic of u and DLG.. the love u have for your family is awesome. good stuff chris.

  4. Bwahahahaha, Chris, you make me laugh out loud with these blogs!

    I HATE Jersey Shore. What a bunch of tools, and sadly, these are the kind of dudes my teenage cousins lust after. Gross.

    Love, love, love the pic of you and Story. You are a great father and will continue to be. And I agree Chris, being a daddy to a girl is SO important, as the opposite brings so many detrimental effects to a woman.

    Don’t be hatin on LJS! It’s delicious, totally fattening, and my number one choice for self-destructive comfort food when I am depressed!

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