Book Review: Once Upon A Potty

You may remember the last resolution I had on my resolutions post.  It was to have Daddy’s Little Girl potty trained by 12/31/2010.  DLG is my first kid… so I didn’t know what to expect as far as reading material went.  When Bunny said she was going to check out some books at the library I thought she meant for us to read… not “story time” books to read to her.  Nonetheless, my diligent wife went to the library and checked out a couple books we could start reading to DLG and get the ball rolling on this thing.

I came home from work that evening and got greeted by the usual happy, smiling laughing, little girl who is DLG.  She quickly made me aware of her new books that her and mommy had checked out of the library.  This made me happy because I get tired of reading the same books for her over and over and over and over again.  A couple of new books at bedtime would be a welcome relief from “Goodnight Moon”, “Curious George Goes To A Toystore” and “No, David!”

After changing into my comfortable clothes, she approached me with the first book and thus began my first experience with children’s books on potty training.

It seemed innocent looking enough.  The first thing I noticed was that this book said “girl” on it.  There obviously is another book made exclusively for boys.

I continued on reading to DLG in “daddy talk”, i.e. overemphasizing words, raising and lowering my voice quickly, etc.

Allow me to read you an excerpt from page three:


“Just like you, Prudence has a body, and this body has many nice and useful parts:

A head for thinking

Eyes for seeing

Ears for hearing

A mouth to talk and eat with

Hands for playing

A pee-pee for making Wee-Wee

Legs for walking and running…”





Perhaps it’s because I’m not a child psychologist that makes me want to laugh hysterically, cover my kids eyes and want to puke all at the same time. 

But… I guess to a 18-month old… this is all new to them… and it makes a lightbulb go off in their head or something.

So I continued reading to her.  Other pages made me giggle/cringe/throw up in my mouth:

Since when did pottys look like tea pitchers?  And when did kid poop start looking like fake dog poop?

YAAAAAYYYY!! Good job!!  Except that’s mommy’s tea pitcher and not the potty.  Go to your room.

So my virgin eyes have now been exposed to the world of children’s books on potty training.  If you read my blog, you probably know I’m not the most censored person.  I enjoy talking about just about anything.  But when it comes to pooping… that’s where I draw the line.  I don’t like to look at it, smell it or come in close proximity of it.  This makes it remarkable that I enjoy being a daddy so much because much of the first six months involves nothing but poop!  Remarkably… the one thing that concerned me the most before she was born was having to change poopy diapers… a fear I would gladly replace with all the other fears that infiltrate my mind these days.  But… part of being a daddy is pushing your boundaries, learning what you’re made of, learning a lot about yourself and having to bite the bullet and change a poopy diaper now and then.

If reading books to DLG about pooping with cartoon pictures of poop and bung-holes in it will eventually get her on that potty and get me out of having to change her poopy diapers… then I guess I gotta do what I gotta do.


9 responses to “Book Review: Once Upon A Potty

  1. That is ridiculous! Why on earth would you make such a realistic book about the child’s anatomy and then make the “potty” look like a chamber pot??? How’s the kid supposed to relate to that??

    PLEASE do not make it one of “your” resolutions to have Story potty trained by the end of the year. You are setting yourself up for untold amounts of stress! Let it happen in her time…

  2. dude thats no big deal, hahah been there done that… plus working with babies all day you see a lot of poo.. and as i always say “everybody poops, we just have different poop faces”. enjoy potty training!

  3. Wow, this all brings back memories..
    There’s this really funny book we bought my daughter called “Everybody Poops” that we used around 18months-2 years.
    Although come to think of it, the book didn’t work.
    But it’s darn funny! And in case you’re wondering, the kid poop’s in a tea pot in that too.

    • chriskoenig4324

      I have heard of that book… although i’ve never read it. Perhaps I need to look into it…

      Thanks for visitiing!

  4. Wow, do we have lots to look forward to! I inherited a book about potty training from my nieces, and it’s interesting, although the potty is actually a potty and no pictures of the anatomy! 🙂 I had to help with potty training my niece when Madi was around 6 months old and it was interesting! Handling a poop accident in the panties is a lot less fun than changing a poopy diaper, I’d take the diaper over that!! But, I agree, it will be nice to not have to deal with the diaper at all. This should be a fun year for all of us! I also borrowed Elmo’s Potty Time video, I have not watched it yet, should be fun. Oh, and I had a tip from an aunt to sit Madi on the toilet (backwards so not to fall in) and see what she thinks, if she doesn’t like the idea than approach it later. I can tell you she does not like the big toilet! I may get her a little girl potty for her birthday, I’m definitely on the approach of letting her do it in her time to avoid the battle! You should check out, you can look at what it says your age child (to the month) should be doing, etc; it also has a good section about potty training. Also, you should try reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear over and over and over and over again! I’m sure you can relate, I actually have a couple of her books memorized! It’s lovely! 🙂

  5. Oh you so need to check out “Everybody Poops.”


    “A one-humped camel makes a one-humped poop. A two-humped camel makes a two-humped poop.”

    It’s a riot! The illustrations are tres Eric Carle. Very cool and hip for today’s artsy toddler and spiffy daddy. 🙂

  6. There was one we got called Molly’s Potty (I think). A little less graphic, but a more realistic potty. Their favorite part is being naked, I’ll tell you that right now. Oh, and you might want to watch her skin’s reaction if she spends much time on her new couch without pants. River’s couch was a lot older, but still gave her bum quite a rash.

  7. …and also…that blue page…WHERE exactly is her HAND?

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