Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

Total Running Time: 128 minutes

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Satan Worshipers

I recently asked you (5) readers to tell me which movie I should see: Avatar or Sherlock Holmes. Avatar outweighed Sherlock Holmes in all your responses so I concluded that, for my fan base (of 5 readers) I would go to Avatar and give you the scoop if you haven’t seen the movie already.

To get the full experience of Avatar, I wanted to go to the only IMAX 3-D theatre they have here in Oklahoma. What I didn’t expect when I got there was for all the movie times to be sold out! I didn’t want to forgo my movie-going experience (something I get very little of these days) just because I could see Avatar… so I decided to go ahead and see Sherlock Holmes.

It wasn’t in 3D and it wasn’t in the IMAX theatre… but it was still awesome.

I can’t help but wonder how exactly RDJ got so lucky as to happen upon two films (Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes) that will produce multiple sequels (Sherlock Holmes left its ending open for a sequel). Also… with Tony Stark/Iron Man appearing in a cameo after the credits of the most recent “Incredible Hulk” movie… it appears he may have a third franchise of films (The Avengers… supposedly coming in 2012) in which he could take part.

This is the same guy who was black-out drunk and wandered into a neighbors Malibu home late one night thinking it was his own and falling asleep on the neighbors bed! This is the same guy who couldn’t seem to get his drug problem contained and most entertainment media outlets wrote him off as a lost cause!  A judge threw him in prison to “save his life” since he couldn’t get his substance abuse problem under control!  It appeared he was on the downward spiral to be the latest casualty of Hollywood excess.

But somewhere… somehow… in the infinite grace of Someone (!?) he made quite a rebound.  In fact, perhaps a little of his excess, made him an even better actor… because he came back from the brink.

First came Zodiac.

Then came Tropic Thunder.

Then came the almighty Iron Man.

Everything he touched turned to gold.  How could he not rock the movie out as much as he did?

The story has a particularly scary plot that deals with a dude name Lord Blackwood who just so happens to be a Satanist (or is he?) who SH foils right at the beginning of the movie before committing another human sacrifice. Before Lord Blackwood is hanged for his evil deeds, he vows to return from the grave only to wreak more havoc than before.

When this actually happens… then the sleuthing begins.

I enjoyed the movie very much. It’s a welcome revamping of the SH character that we’ve never really seen before. As a kid I remember SH being an older guy with a trench coat and a magnifying glass. In this installment, he’s a badass. He knows kung fu and shit! Alright… maybe not kung fu… but he knows how to take a punch and he knows how to give one even better.

As he was in Iron Man… RDJ plays the part stupendously. He doesn’t even appear to be acting! In the same way Mickey Rourke (before boxing/plastic surgery) seemed to effortlessly channel the characters he played so does RDJ in such a way that it feels you’re watching real life events happening right in front of you!

Also, I’ve been told by multiple ladies (aka my sisters and nieces) that RDJ makes them squeal like they did when they used to read “Teen Bop” magazine. From what they tell me… he’s somewhat of a stud I guess.

Jenni… stop drooling on your computer.  The keys will start to stick if you do that too much.

Jude Law is okay as Sherlock’s right hand man: Dr. John Watson. He’s not as badass… but he’s acceptable. I’m still mad at him for cheating on Sienna Miller with their nanny. What a twerp.

Rachel McAdams plays the love interest: Irene Adler. I just love her. She’s just so cutesy wootsy. But… unfortunately in this movie… she’s somewhat expendable to me. I loved her in movies like “Mean Girls”, “The Notebook” and “Red Eye”… but I didn’t see this movie as one of my more favorite vehicles for her.

C’mon now… you can’t get much more wholesome or “cutesy wootsy” than her…

Mr. Satanist Man, Lord Blackwood, is good. He’s scary. He’s mean. He’s evil. He’s everything he needs to be to make you wonder if he’s really channeling the devil… or not! I’ll stop before I give too much away.

Avatar may be the first vehicle of a new movie-going experience… but I can’t imagine that it can have as great and unique a storyline as Sherlock Holmes.

I give Sherlock Holmes five out of five ShamWOW! guys:



9 responses to “Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

  1. I’ve seen it twice and I’d gladly go again…

    *wipes chin*

    • Hey, I just watched that trailer again and there sure are a lot of scenes in it that aren’t even IN the movie! LOL…interesting. I’m just relieved that his corduroy coat made the cut.

  2. I saw both Avatar and SH in the same week (weird for me), and they were both good in their own ways. I feel like I got more out of Avatar as far as story line and imagination goes. I hope you get to see it as well. Can’t wait for your review of it!

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  4. You know, this is the first movie that I’ve been interested enough to pay to see in a long, long time…and we don’t get TV anymore, so everything I’ve heard about it up to now has been in the newspaper. I think I read a little bit about it on a bloggy somewhere…..oh, maybe you’ve heard of One Thing? 😉 hehehe Anyway, thanks for posting the trailer. I admit to a bit of drool as well, but since I have a sleeping baby on my lap between me and the keyboard, most of it landed on her!

  5. still neeeeeeeeeeed to go see this movie!!!!

  6. At the rate I am going, I might make the 10 anniversary showing of it.

    Sounds good though.

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