“Advertise” With Me… FOR FREE!

“Scratch my back… and I’ll scratch yours” as the saying goes.

(((UPDATE: See the first couple “advertisers” or fans at my fanroll.)))

I’m a fledgling blog of only about a year old (between VirtualHugs and this one) and  I’m constantly trying to think of something interesting to do on my blog… okay… maybe interesting isn’t the right word.  I think naming my wart as one of my best friends would qualify as interesting to say the least.  Perhaps unique would be a better word.

In the blogging world… you have to separate yourself and find new ways to market yourself and your blog.  This involves a lot of time registering with search engines, making comments on other blogs, getting involved in all the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace), etc.  This is all rewarding and fun to do… but I’ve been scratching my head trying to come up with another way to make myself different than all the other blogs in the “blogosphere”… as us blogging nerds like to call it.

Most blogs out there have a “blogroll”, or list of blogs they (the author) enjoy reading, open for their adoring fans to click through and read.  I too have this here.

In addition to a blogroll… I am going to do a “fanroll” or you could call it “Who’s Reading Papa K”.  It will be a completely separate page up top in addition to “Home”, “Wanna Know Me?”, “Who’s Bunny?”, “Who’s DLG?” and “Sushi Blogroll”.

This will be an area for my readers to “advertise” whatever they’d like (within reason… no escort, assassination or knee-cap shattering services please) FOR FREE!  All you have to do is take a valid picture of yourself verifying it is actually you holding a sign reading “I Read Hands To War!” and, if you like, any other interesting or funny quip.

For example:

“I Read Hands To War!  And I Think You Are An Extremely Handsome Man.”

“I Read Hands To War!  It Saved My Marriage.”

“I Read Hands To War!  But Just Because I Think Your Wife Is Hot.”


In return, I will post a link to your website, blog, service, FaceBook page or whatever you want people to go to underneath your picture.

So… it would look something like this:

Ha Ha Papa K… you’re the most handsome, ingenius blogger I know!  Go read Papa K’s blog and www.handstowar.wordpress.com.  And in case you’re wondering… yes… I was trying to look sexy.

Or this:

Oh Bunny… you ol’ comedian!  To read more about Bunny and her adventures with her overstimulated husband go to www.icantbelieveicanputupwithsomuchcrap.com (FYI… that’s not a real website… I did click on it just to make sure). 

Doing this in turn does two things:

1. Drives more readers to my site to make themselves known

2. Brings traffic to your site… uh, did I mention… FOR FREE!

Now, I know I’m no Google or Perez Hilton… but I could be some day.  Wouldn’t you be kicking yourself if you didn’t get in on the ground floor now? 

Just food for thought.

Send your pictures and URL information here: papak4324@live.com

POSTSCRIPT:  Don’t feel like you have to have something to “advertise” just to send me a picture of yourself you’d like me to put in the “fanroll”.  As most homosapiens, I desire words of encouragement and would love to see your smiling faces giving me props… or maybe you want to tell me to go to hell… whichever.

POSTSCRIPT #2:  This “fanroll” idea generated a challenge in my mind: “How hard would it get celebrity bloggers to send me their pictures verifying they’ve read my blog?”  Look for future pictures in my fanroll of Kim Kardashian (aka Hottest Woman Alive Next To Bunny). 

Oh… she’ll read my blog… you just watch!  A boy’s gotta have a dream.


18 responses to ““Advertise” With Me… FOR FREE!

  1. Man, you stole my idea! Now if I do it too then it will be like I am jumping on the bandwagon.

    Good luck with the idea. I have nothing to sell that is worth anything.

    • chriskoenig4324

      I would disagree LIAYF… your blog rocks. One of my favorite. You should “advertise” with me. I’m serious. Help a brutha out and be the first to go! Then people will follow en masse!

      BTW – did I really steal your idea?

  2. dude i will totally send in a pic saying i read your blog. but i don’t reallly have any thing to advertise, i just have a space on my messager that my friends read and look at pictures. i do tell people about your site, and that they should read it cause its so funny. picture to come and i will help promote your blog by word of mouth and on to all the people on my msn.

  3. Does it count that I have you on my sidebar, and that alphabetically, you’re above your dear sister? 🙂 Also, I’ve passed you on to my friend MamaMidwife, and I believe you’re on her sidebar as well. I might still send a picture though….

    • Yes those all count… but… I’m not necessarily trying to advertise myself as much… but my readers! Ah ha… GENIUS!

  4. If I take a photo with me holding a paper saying I read your blog while in ladies underwear…are you going to want me posing WITH the underwear on…or just holding them?

  5. I’m pretty sure I can come up with something. Just give me some time. Greatness doesn’t just happen automatically.

  6. Mandal does not look anything like I expected him to look. And he totally needs his own blog.

    Your space for KK cracked me up. I’ll get my pic to you asap.

    • thx jenni, i don’t know what everyone expected me to look like.. haha hmmmm. im just supporting a blog i really enjoy reading, makes ya think & makes ya laugh. perfect combo.

  7. Just read a bunch of your posts…who knew this was rattling around in that head of yours…I always thought you were quiet one back in the day…lol…

    My fav was the one about the pregnant woman/man…I thought maybe that point should have been made by mainstream media? Are you gonna cover winter storm 2010? lol

    • chriskoenig4324

      You always have to watch for the quiet ones Debbie.
      Its funny you liked the pregnant man/woman post… as I only really worked on that one for like 5 seconds!
      Anyway… yes… I love doing this… it’s very cathardic for me. Thanks so much for reading… it really means a lot… I’m serious.

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