What Makes A Man?

Every man in the world today is fed forcibly, whether they want to or not, the complete and total sexuality of women.  It sells bubble gum, tennis shoes, cologne, energy drinks and any other sellable product you can think of.  It comes in the form of skin-tight clothing, the lack of clothing or the conveniently placed triangle.  It’s in the books we read, it’s in the movies we rent and it’s in the department store magazines that arrive in our mailbox.

It’s everywhere and unless you live in a volcano… it’s inescapable.

The development of the male mind over the centuries has gradually been eroded and desensitized to believe what is acceptable for their wives, daughters, grand-daughters, girlfriends or just the random passer-by to wear.  Just ask your grandpa what grandma had to wear to the beach “back in the day”.  Probably something that exposed – ‘gasp’ – her ankles!!

I simply believe that whether you’re trying to or not… your mind will conjure up something.  This is the nature of the beast that is our human nature… or you can call it sin nature if you like.

In this day and age, as men, how are we supposed to escape the never ending barrage of sexuality that’s shoved down our throats?  Well… we never fully can.  I’m not saying you can’t chose to avoid a lot of it… but to completely deny the fact that grandpa saw some other women’s ankles on the beach other than grandma’s and thought to himself, “Now those are some nice ankles!” then you’re in for a harsh awakening.

Mmmmmmm… these are a few of grandpa’s favorite things…

I think if you find an old couple like grandma and grandpa, you’ll find two people who know how much they love each other.  You’ll also find two people who are extremely open with each other.  Grandma was well aware of grandpa’s penchant for the occasional glance and appreciation of the beauty of some woman’s ankles and that was okay!  She might have even said, “What do you think of that girl’s ankles?”  Grandma was comfortable enough with herself, her ankles and her husband’s dedication to her to know that he would never go for another woman’s ankles other than her own.

That’s okay because Grandpa also knows that grandma has an occasional inkling to admire a man’s bulging forearms when given the chance.

“Nothin’ better than a good set of forearms!” She’s been known to say.

So what’s the point of this post?  The point is it is okay to admire the attributes of other people other than your significant others.  It’s silly to think it never happens!!

The line can be crossed though in a number of ways:

   1. The amount of time you find your self looking

   2. You put yourself in a situation your significant other wouldn’t appreciate you being in.

   3. You’re emblazing an image in your mind that won’t be forgotten most easily accessible by a number of mainstream media outlets

   4. You freakin’ cheat on your significant other obviously!!  Dumbass!

   5. You believe in your mind that your significant other obviously knows all “this” goes on inside and outside your gray matter because “you’re a MAN!”… but she doesn’t ask you about it because it’s kind of an “unspoken rule” not to do so.

FYI – she had no idea it goes on.  

In most men’s minds these days, they think its biology and “human nature” to need to look and satisfy an insatiable desire to see more skin.  That is not what I’m saying in this post.  To blame the infidelity of your eyes, mind or even your whole body… is spineless and is no ones fault other than your own.  I’m not saying this in a “mightier than thou” tone either… I am, in effect, calling myself spineless because I did not adhere to some of my points I listed above for quite some time.  My wife now trusts me when I am on the computer alone.  A scenario not so easily discussed a little more than a year ago.

Bunny is not naïve enough to know that I may steal a glance at the Victoria’s Secret commercial on TV, enjoy watching the swimsuit competition of the Ms. America pageant or notice the revealing outfit of an overconfident woman at the supermarket.  I’m a dude… cut me some slack!  She too takes a longing glance a Paul Walker (despite his acting ability) at moments when I’m in the room and he’s on television… but I know she has a school girl crush on him. 

Paul Walker: my wive’s “Kim Kardashian”

We do not deny we do these things to each other.  She is my wife and I love her and she realizes the nature of my brain leads my eyes to cleavage… it’s the amount of time my eyes stay there that warrants gouging them out with a fork.

So… what makes a man?  A man who’s honest to himself, who’s honest to his wife, who’s honest to his God and in turn… is honest to the love he confessed to having for her on his wedding day.  If you can accomplish that… you’ll find yourself old and withered together one day, sitting on a park bench admiring all the pretty ankles walking by.

Grandma’s got the best ankles… and look at those forearms on paw!


4 responses to “What Makes A Man?

  1. Great post! Making marriage last is a huge commitment of yourself. After 10 years we seems to be settling into a nice groove.

  2. beautiful. well said. as i side note to this i hope it helps woman understand too what makes a man. that we’re not pigs but just a people who observe our enviroment. both men and woman have a responsibity, respect and love for the one they are with not to break they’re fidelity agreement with each other and god. just me sayin stuff…

  3. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    #2 is a good point to always consider. It is, in short, putting yourself under “the occasion of sin”; in other words, you make it easy for you to sin. S-I-N …that little three letter word nobody talks about anymore.

  4. I do love me a good set of forearms…

    but Mindy’s crush is a major weenie. T-hee!

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