A Few Things… Then Five Questions…

So… I wanted to remind everyone about sending me their pictures of themselves holding a sign professing their undying love for Hands To War.  It’s never too late… and you’ll get a little free advertising for it too (if you want).

Also, I was contacted about a week ago to start writing movie reviews for this website.  Perhaps I’m more famoust then I thought… or just more gullible!  Anyway, I’ve submitted my first review… so check it out if you get a chance!  But then again… if you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ve probably already read it.


NOW…. Five questions…

1.  Who’s your celebrity crush

Do I even have to tell you again… 

2.  If boogers tasted like ice creame and/or cake… would you eat them?

In all honesty… they don’t have to taste like ice creame or cake for them to be DELICIOUS!!

3.  If I grew my hair until it was long enough to put in a pony tail would you still read my blog?


I imagine myself looking like this…

While Bunny imagines me looking like this…

4.  Have you ever had that dream where you go to school and you’ve forgotten to wear anything at all!  Yep… I’ve had it too.  What about forgetting your locker combination?  Yep… I still have that one.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. I’m naked and forgot my locker combination!

5.  If you saw this:

Would you think you were watching a children’s show or would your life be flashing before your eyes because you were about to get eaten by a red, giant, wart-infested Cyclops?


9 responses to “A Few Things… Then Five Questions…

  1. Congrats on the movie review thing! I always enjoy them, so I’m sure others will as well. Onto the mind boggling, soul-searching questions:
    1. Johnny Depp (FOREVER!)
    2. As long as no one was watching. River does it all the time.
    3. I might become an ever bigger fan of your blog.
    4. Nope on the nudity, but yes on the locker combination.
    5. The latter.

  2. DUDE! thats awesome about the movie reviews! you are becoming a blog celebrity.
    1-drew berrymore & jennifer love hewett
    2-hilarious.. maybe i would
    3-yeah won’t change my reading loyalty, but don’t do that to your head you’ll look like a tool.dude.
    4-nudity no, can only walk on my knee’s yes.
    5-think i was watchin the behind the music of what happened to gumbie. looked like life was rough for him.

    • Drew Barrymore circa “The Wedding Singer” definitely… I loved her. Still do… she seems like she’s got an awesome personality

  3. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    Well, CONGRATS! I expect you to have your own movie-reviewing blog soon!
    1)the younger Jeff Bridges
    2) THAT would be alot of boogers! Thanks, but no thanks.
    3)Mothers love their children – and remain fans – no matter what, but please don’t.
    4)It’s an anxiety dream that we all have, but I’ve never experienced the nudity aspect. Having five children, I have to say I’ve forgotten or lost, in nightmares, more locker combinations/class schedules/airline tickets that you would ever imagine!
    5) Well. He IS a giant, red, wart-infested Cyclops. Duh. But…I doubt that he wants to eat me. No fear.(er..what is “representing”? or do I want to know?

  4. 1) Harrison Ford (unless he is unavailable, then get back to me and I’ll name some others)
    2) Would they have the same calorie content at cake/ice cream?
    3) It’s not about the pony tail.
    4) Not the naked part. I do still remember my locker combination (10-36-10) but dream about forgetting my college PO box combination (but the box # was 2571)
    5)Hey – know this guy. He was in one of the Super Bowl commercials tonight. Seemed like a nice fellow.

  5. 1. Ben Affleck, he will always be my movie star boyfriend
    2. Probably not or at least I would hope not…
    3. I would keep reading but would feel bad for ‘Bunny’
    4. I don’t recall ever having the naked dream, although I find it weird that I still dream about school once in a while
    5. I do not know that character and would guess that I would see him on Adult Swim, but since DLG loves him, I’m sure I’ll be introduced to him by my son before too much longer.

  6. Um, let’s see.

    1. Luke Perry, *sigh*, ever since I was a little 10 year old girlie watching 90210.

    In close second, I embarrassingly admit to being totally hot for the Twilight freak.

    2. When I first read that question I thought it said “bloggers” and I was like, “Why would Chris want us to consider eating bloggers?? Eww??”

    But boogers, nope. Not even cake.

    3. Yes, but don’t. You’re a handsome fella. Listen to your mama.

    4. Yes. Both. But not together. I actually have dreams about high school all the time. I am always going back as an adult and trying to take advantage of the “free” education I effed up. It’s freakin weird.

    5. Dude, the first thing I thought of when I saw that thing is not a word I find fit for repeating in print since my conversion (nor a word I have even *thought* ever in many, many years). It begins with a d. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  7. 1. Jeffery Donovan- His penis would be a mere nub once I finished with him. Wait a second, that’s not necessarily a good thing is it?

    2. Uh, negative.

    3. Absolutely!

    4. I can’t say that I have.

    5. I think you know my stance on Muno the dildo.

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