Happy Squishy Mushy Kissy Huggy Squeezy Valentines Day

I feel that it’s been a while since I poured out the love I have for my wife (known only to you as “Bunny”) on here lately.  I know, I know… you’re saying, “Papa K… c’mon… talk about farts PLEEEEAASE!!!”  My answer today is simply, “No… maybe tomorrow.”

Valentines Day is upon us and in true Valentines Day fashion I feel the need to let THE WHOLE BLOGOSPHERE KNOW how lucky I truly am.  Sometimes I feel that my openness about my “obsession” with Kim Kardashian or my occasional post about something overly “man-ish”… may start to bring to question my complete infatuation with my wife, her style, her confidence, her soul and, yes… her incredibly sexy curves in all the right places.  I’ve come to the point in my blogging career where she doesn’t read my stuff every time I post it so I don’t even know if she’s going to read this… so don’t think I’m posting this to expect “something in return”… I’m doing it because I love her.  I love her exponentially more than when I met her over seven years ago.

Marriage is tough.  People always tell you that when you’re young and getting married is about the furthest thing from your mind.  But looking back, those people certainly knew what the hell they were talking about.  For this very reason… I love Bunny because she puts up with my shit (and, yes… I put up with hers).  I had a pretty high opinion of myself for a while.  I thought I was the ultimate husband.  But I fell… and I fell hard.  Several times.  As the saying goes: “The higher you go… the harder you fall”.  But as any spouse should be, despite her indifference, anger, frustration or sympothy… she was there for me every time.

As a result of all this… I fall in love with my wife in an entirely different way every day.  I knew what love was on paper… but to feel it in my soul is an entirely different experience all together.  My hope and prayer is that everyone gets to feel a love like this in their lifetime.

In many relationships these days, when the going gets tough… it’s over.  We’ve been married for almost five years, a small sample of our married life when we look back on it in 50 years, and I’m not naive enough to think there won’t be more hard times ahead.  But I can tell you there isn’t ONE PERSON I’d rather have with me… than Bunny.

Happy Valentines Day Bunny: my incredibly sexy wife, wonderful mother to our beautiful daughter, caring friend, soul mate and Playboy centerfold that never happened.

I love you endlessly, incredibly, unendingly, foreverandadayfully, etc., etc., etc.

Papa K

And now… Bunny and Papa K in pictures throughout the years.  Try not to fall asleep.

Quite literally… the most ancient picture of us.  We’d known each other for a couple days and I attended her graduation.

Notice the beauty of Bunny… and the pancake batter complexion I have… what did she see in me?

Shortly after we had been dating… I deteriorated into a seemingly malnourished glob of pasty white adhesive compound.  She continued to stay with me despite my unwillingness to come into direct sunlight.


Miraculously… I managed to bring myself back to some sort of humanoid looking fellow and was actually capable of GETTING TAN!!!  Unbelievable!!! (Notice her shirt says “I Love Dorks”)

I took the opportunity (while I was tan) to take her on a cruise and….

… propose to her.  She said “yes”.  Yeah… no shit Sherlock.

It didn’t take Bunny long to get the engagement photos.  This is one of my favorite… it hangs over our bed today.  And “no” it wasn’t really raining.

Another engangement photo… I’m amazed at how young I looked just FIVE years ago!!

Then we did it.  We got married on Shipwreak Beach in Kaui, Hawaii.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

No matter the time or place… I’m always up for a goofy pic…

Yes… that’s me with a wad of cash about to stuff it down Bunny’s ample cleavage.

If you can’t tell by the look on my face… we were on to bigger and better things….

Like going to Halloween parties…

Mardi Gras parties (yes… I was a bad kitty cat)…

Murder mystery dinners (can you see the excitement on my face)…

Hot air balloon rides (can you see the fear on my face?)…

Winery tours (yes… we’re drunk)…

And trips to Disney World.

There was this one trip to Dallas and a tour of the Texas Rangers stadium though that was particularly memorable…

… because it resulted in this…

… which led to this…

… and ultimately this.  See that dot on my shirt near my crotch… it’s DLG’s poop.

Bunny and I… we’ve been through so much and I’m looking forward to 50 more years…

I love you honey… Happy Valentines Day.




4 responses to “Happy Squishy Mushy Kissy Huggy Squeezy Valentines Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to two of the most beautiful people I have the honor of knowing. Better yet, claiming as family! Squeezes to all three of you…

  2. Great pictures. You two look very happy together.

  3. Such a sweet post to your lovely bride. I hope she gave it up after reading this.

    Seriously, y’all are a very cute couple.

  4. dont know u guys but hell u make a perfect couple and awesome memories!!!!! stumbled onto this page by accident lol 🙂

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