Not much to say other than that sometimes I feel like I’ve got so much to offer this freakin’ world yet it feels as though I’m destined to go unnoticed, underappreciated and forgotten.  There’s nothing I’m more afraid of then to wake up one morning and I’m 80 years old and my talents have been wasted.

Sometimes it gets so old seething in quiet desperation for someone to notice your God-given gifts.

I’m not average.  I’m not ordinary.  I’m not vanilla.  I’m destined for so much more… just ready for it to come to fruition…


4 responses to “Misunderstood

  1. Two words: Reality Show.

    No, but really I dig your blog and can see that you have an amazingly creative mind.

    Whatever it is to which you are referring, I bet it is only a matter of time.

    Good luck.

  2. Make something happen. I am not saying to put your responsibilities aside, but find a way to move things in the direction you want them to go.

  3. Well, I wish it hadn’t taken this blog for me to tell you that you DO matter in ways that might be quiet. I loved being in school with you and I know that you have endless talent. If that’s the direction you’re wanting to go, let me know. I have no hook ups, but I am married to the jedi master of opportunities. And I have a new (albeit part-time) job I’m pretty f-ing pumped about.

    (Working for Chris Cook and Jenifer Reynolds’ production company–Sandbur Productions!)

  4. dude i hear ya. but didn’t you say that you might soon be writing a column for a magazine soon. from all your blogs i do believe your talent is writing and its not going unnoticed. plus the people who are reading it are being inspired and touched(in some way) by your words. dude your on your way, most successes start slow and then boom. it will happen, your very talented. cheers!

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