Summer Flicks

A new summer always bring the happiness of new trailers for MOVIES THAT FREAKIN’ LOOK LIKE THEY’RE GOING TO ROCK THE HIZZY FO SHIZZY!!

The second trailer for Iron Man 2 makes me want to try to grow a goatee like Tony Stark (again):

What’s up with that suitcase thing at the end? WTF!! I want one of those!! Also.. Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow? Sign me up!

You know what else looks rad as stacked maple glazed donuts? This movie:

Saaaaaaaaayyy whuuuuuuuuuuut? Release the Kraken? Release all control of my sphincter! Holy poop breath I would crap my pants if I saw that thing comin’ out of the water!!

For those of you who enjoy laughing AND NOT uncontrollably shatting your undergarmets while watching all the monsters in Clash of the Titans… you can laugh until you pee your pants watching this movie:

It was only a matter of time before they made a movie about his reoccuring SNL character. Have I mentioned before that I have Val Kilmer’s cell phone number? Seriously… I do… I’m not kidding.

This movie looks weird:

By all means… in the future… don’t forget to make a payment on your artificial heart.

I’m all out of stuff to talk about to today. Catch me tomorrow I might feel alive then.


4 responses to “Summer Flicks

  1. dude! i hadn’t seen that trailer for iron man2 yet, totally can’t wait it looks amazing. thanks for the preview up date! cheers.

  2. Didn’t you write a story about Val Kilmer’s cell phone number that you never finished? What did happen?

    • chriskoenig4324

      Yeah… I gotta finish that story… it was just kinda going nowhere. I gotta figure out how to kill of Val or something…

  3. Ok, that Iron Man trailer looks vicious. Wow, now I am excited to see it in the theater.

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