Movie Review: She’s Out Of My League

Total Running Time: 104 Minutes

Starring Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, T.J. Miller, bunch of people I’ve never seen before…

I usually wait to do this until the end of my movie reviews, but this time I’m going to rate this movie at the beginning!  Just in case you get too bored reading the actual review and never see the rating I give it.

I give She’s Out Of My League (SOOML) five out of five pictures of Alice Eve.

What? Who is Alice Eve? Seriously? You haven’t heard of her yet?  Alice Eve is the female lead in SOOML and my absolute favorite pick as the freakin’ cutest new actress to blow out my retinas in a while.  She reminds me a bit of Drew Barrymore (before she got really stupid and married Tom Green).


Similarities?  Yes.

She’s also a “Hard 10”.

As explained in the movie, a “Hard 10” (Hmm… sounds like a post I wrote once) would be the absolute pinnacle of a potential girlfriend, i.e. beautiful, smart, good job, likes sports, etc.  Although as it is with most “man math”… there are rules.  While the potential girlfriend is a “Hard 10”, the pursuant male has to be within two points of that 10 (no less than an eight) to make it work… too much of gap will result in a (seemingly) impossible relationship bent on failure.  So with that explanation… comes the tagline for the movie: “How can a 10 go for a 5?”

Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder) plays Kirk, the “5”.  He’s the quintessential “nice guy” in the film, or “moodle” as his friend call him.  A “moodle” would be the cross between a man and a poodle: no girl wants to date him, but rather, want to “take him on walks” and be his friend.  Poor Kirk can’t catch a break.  While he does all your typical “dork” things i.e. spill coffee on himself, fill out his clothes like he’s a hanger in your closet, beg and plead his ex-girlfriend to take him back to the point of embarrassing himself, etc… he still manages to be the nicest guy in spite of it all.

Alice Eve (freakin’ cool name, eh?) plays Molly, the “Hard 10”.  She finds herself becoming the recipient of Kirk’s kind and accommodating nature when he finds her lost iPhone and returns it to her.  While Kirk is the furthest thing from the kind of dudes she’s been linked to before, she finds herself being drawn to his considerate nature.

Kirk stumbles all over himself with the attention she gives him but quickly becomes hesitate when he learns exactly “how much a Hard 10” she actually is.  Unlike him, she makes good money, she lives in a beautiful apartment and she has everything going for her!

Which begs the question: “What is SHE doing with HIM?”

The gap between “5” and “10” is pretty large.  Too large to not have questions about the validity of such a relationship, correct?

Well… you’ll have to see it for yourself.


While SOOML follows somewhat of the same basic romantic comedy guidelines (homely/ugly person finds love with hottie and ‘gasp’ everyone is SHOCKED)… it still holds itself as “unique” in my mind.

Alice Eve and Kirk Baruchel (to me) played a couple that didn’t seem that unlikely to really hit it off in “the real world” and at the same time I found myself saying, “She would never get with him!”  Movies that do this to me really get me involved and (despite knowing 99.9% what the ending is going to be like) have me eagerly awaiting the ending where true love, the way it should be, is portrayed in such a positive and attainable light.

See dorky guys!  Dreams really do come true!

While having its moments where I laughed so hard I wet my pants, SOOML’s message was cliché, but good: it’s not looks that matter… it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

And that will eventually get you a hot girlfriend.

Perhaps I like the movie because it hit pretty close to home… seeing that I’m a “5” and Bunny’s a “10”.

Perhaps the movie was a little closer to reality that I thought…


One response to “Movie Review: She’s Out Of My League

  1. Ever notice how you OFTEN see hard ten women out with maybe-five guys, but hardly ever the other way around?


    It doesn’t speak well of the male gender, is all I’m saying. I don’t think a movie with the roles switched would have nearly the audience that this one seems to have.

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