My Endorsement Of Someone Who Probably Doesn’t Need Endorsing

I’ve gotten addicted to Twitter lately (tweet me bitches!).  I’m not really sure why.  

Anyway, in my quest of following as many celebrities as I can and hopefully getting Kim Kardashian to “tweet me” I ran across one of my more favorite comedians: Rob Huebel. 

 I don’t get it… but that’s what makes it funny…

I became familiar with him on a sketch comedy show he and two other comedians did called “Human Giant”.

He’s not in this next one… but it was one of the funnier episodes I’d ever seen on the show:

I was also surprised as crap when Rob showed up in an Olive Garden commercial!!  Being completely serious!  I thought it was kind of a joke in itself… turns out… he got tricked!  According to his MySpace blog (oh how I wish I could find a video clip of it… but alas, I cannot).  I love he owns up to the fact that he looks and felt like a complete douchebag for doing the whole thing.

I get Robs random humor.  It’s weird and quirky.  I like to think of myself as a bit quirky… but after reading Robs stuff on Twitter I know I’ve got a long way to go.  A random sampling of some or Robs tweets:

Pearls are not made by keeping sand in your butt for a long time. Whoever started that rumor should be punished.

Someone above my hotel room is peeing hard right now. Or maybe it’s a ghost. A ghost who hasn’t peed in like 200 years makes more sense.

Sunset in Hawaii. Saw a whale jump out of the ocean. For real. Thought I heard him yell “check deeez baaaallllzz!”

I burned the roof of my mouth with faulty soup. Now it looks like that nazi’s melting face from ‘Raiders’.

Newsflash for all mannequins! You aren’t fooling anyone. We don’t think you’re humans so quit trying to trick us! Idiots.

I’m gonna work out everyday just to make one arm totally huge. And the other will be tiny. So I can look like a crab. But not as smart.

His Twitter profile page is the first page where I’ve looked through his history of tweets because they’re friggin’ hilarious.

His stuff reminds me of “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy” that used to run on Saturday Night Live during the late 90’s.

So here’s to Rob Huebel… funny guy.  Congratulations.

Wanna follow Rob’s hilarious tweets?  Click this phrase:  Scabs are a delicious and nutritious way to avoid getting AIDS.


6 responses to “My Endorsement Of Someone Who Probably Doesn’t Need Endorsing

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  2. I love those tweets!! Totally Jack Handy-ish. I have seen the video of the Mom and Son moving company, but the T-Shirt squad was new to me. Thanks for sharing! Did you see the one with the fake Bruce Willis? That one cracked me up. 😀

  3. Those are pretty funny tweets, I’ll have to check him out.

  4. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    Yeah. That’s you all right. Especially the goat hair cape and the crossbow. But I really don’t know if you and Rob should be on the same planet. Scary.

  5. Just followed him. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. We’re living off of zero income right now 🙂 When my wife got pregnant with our first kid I owned a martial arts studio. We were together all day and it was wonderful. Then I sold it because I thought I could make more money at something else — well, I was wrong. Turns out SHE could make more money but not me. She she went off to work and I became a full time SAHD. Fun for me. That was seven years ago. You’re right, Money doesn’t grow on trees. Some things just end up changing.

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