20 Questions

I’m thinking of an animal. 

  1. Is it a mammal?  Yes
  2. Is it bigger than a breadbasket? Sometimes
  3. Does it have fur?  Yes
  4. Can it be domesticated?  Yes
  5. Does it have a tail?  Yes
  6. Does it meow?  Yes
  7. Is it a cat?  No
  8. Uh… okay… does it fly? No
  9. Does it live in a cage?  No
  10.  Does it bark?  No
  11.  Does it use a litter box?  Yes
  12.  It’s a cat!  That’s not a question but I’m counting it anyway
  13.  I don’t care… it’s a cat… what the hell else can it be?  Okay that was a question and the answer to it is “lots of things”.
  14.  You’re stupid.  Okay that was unnecessary and that still counts as a question.
  15.  Can we go to the movies or something?  No.  Now that’s a question, but it’s not pertaining to this game we’re playing.
  16.   Fine!  Is it a whale?  NO!!  Quit being ridiculous.
  17.   Is it a lion?  You’re getting warmer but still no.  I’ll give you a hint… it’s in the “cat species”.
  18.   Uh… a cat?!  NO!  You’ve asked that twice already!  Why do you keep insisting it’s a cat?  I just said it’s in the “cat family”.
  19.  Okay… is it a Coyote?  That would be in the dog family… so no.  Last question.
  20.  Are you freakin’ daft?  What?  I don’t even know what that is?  If you had tried a little harder you might have guessed it.  I was thinking of a cat.

I’ve been saying it was a cat the whole time!

No you didn’t.

Uh… yes.  Yes I have.

The End.


7 responses to “20 Questions

  1. yep you lost your mind on this one. but i laughed. you have an imagination don’t believe anyone who says you don’t hahahah

  2. Who has a litterbox trained whale? I want to see that.


  3. In the name of folks with Downs Syndrome everywhere, I am offended. This is, after all “Stamp Out the R Word Month”…

    • chriskoenig4324

      Honestly… Aunt Louise… I guess I wasn’t aware of what that word meant until I Googled its definintion. I’m truly sorry and a little embarressed!

  4. But I still love you, little nephew…

  5. Mollien (Mom) Koenig

    I started to say something about that issue, but but I was in a rush and figured someone else would! Live and learn!!

  6. Hmmm, I don’t know what to say. I’m thinking, It’s a Lynx! Perhaps a specific sort of cat? Nope. Just a cat! LOL.

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