Daddy’s Gonna Raise Him A Baseball Girl!

So I’ve been waiting for a moment when I could meld a photo of DLG with this photo of myself:

Little did anyone know on the field that day that I stood there… destined to become an all-conference HONORABLE MENTION in 6A baseball for the state of Oklahoma in 1996, 1997 AND 1998!!  Take that Stephen Strasburg (signed a $15 gazillion contract right out of college last year if you don’t know).

Well… the other day a buddy of mine came over with his five year old who had just gotten out of T-ball practice and I snapped this pic of DLG:

So… there’s a little bit of an age gap between my picture and hers… but who cares? 

Okay maybe you… but you don’t count.

If DLG had been a little boy… I’d already be carefully training her hand-eye coordination, strengthening her rotator cuff and plastered her room with baseball images.  But alas… she is not of male origin.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I can still teach all the rules of the game.  There’s nothing cooler than a girl who knows more about baseball than most dudes.

Also, if she marries a pro baseball player… I could get season tickets for free!



One week until the baseball season starts… who else is excited?  And who isn’t?


7 responses to “Daddy’s Gonna Raise Him A Baseball Girl!

  1. I think it is awesome you are teaching DLG about the vast disappointment in life that is known as being a Texas Rangers fan.. You could say the same for the Cubs or even…… the Twins, but I’m sure they might surprise us all this year.

    But serisouly nice pics..

  2. HaHa! Jonathon has a great point. Go M’s!!

    Anyway, that is a super sweet pic of DLG. She just may become the first.

  3. Thats cool that you are teaching her the game Chris, I cant wait for baseball season…my Cards are takin it this year.

    PS… Does a 2 time All Conference baseball player in 3A trump a 3 time hon mention all conference in 6A? 🙂

  4. Do you really want dudes thinking she’s cooler than other chicks just cause she knows her baseball? This may give you more chances to use firearms than you were anticipating. 😉 Just sayin’. Hee hee.

  5. I was the first girl to play on the boys little league team in my home town.

    Yeah baby, I know that makes you all hot. 😉

    Okay, well not so much. Anyway, teach her the rules of the game. Who knows, she’ll probably be able to throw farther, and hit the hell out of that ball even better than the boys.

  6. You are definitely onto something!!! Lol

    What a cutie!

  7. Adrienne’s brothers taught her everything about sports…..and she loved it. She has remained one of those beautiful, and very tomboy girls ……she can hang with the guys better than any girl I’ve ever known, besides ME ! I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments……….guys love a girl that can talk their language !!
    Good on ya , Boy !

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