Too Cute Not To Post

So… I know that I said I was taking a momentary breather from blogging for a while buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut… I couldn’t help myself with this clip.

DLG is really starting to spurt out multiple words at a time and complete sentences!!!  So in honor of baseballs opening day I was able to get DLG to recite my favorite teams name: The Texas Rangers.

Oh… and by the way… this is my 100th post on Hands To War.  Hooray for me.

Crash. Boom. Whiiiiiizz. Pop. Sputter. Choke. Hack.

I know it wasn’t the earth shattering post I wanted it to be for my 100th post but hey… I’m unpredictable.  And incredibly sexy.  And a douchebag.

Talk to you all again soon.  Just had to share the cuteness of DLG with you for a moment.


6 responses to “Too Cute Not To Post

  1. too cute.. have a good vaca(ish thing)from blog. im sure the time your gone will give u some amazing crazy idea’s for writing and entertaining followers. look forward to your return.

  2. GAH!! Definitely cute–and DEFINITELY worthy of a 100th post! Congrats! Woot! Yeehaw! (Get back to blogging soon, ya twerp!)

  3. She is adorable!!! I need her to come teach my son how to talk! =)

  4. She’s just perfection, isn’t she! :oD

  5. Oh, make it nearly impossible not to root for the Rangers will you. Grrrr.

    Happy 100th, man.

  6. Auntie Louise

    Seems like a perfect 100th post to me!

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