I Missed You

Does anyone believe that these stupid things work?

How much did they pay these people to wear these pieces of crap after they worked long and hard THE OLD FASHIONED WAY!  Here’s an idea: you can’t get a six-pack sitting on your ass!

Sorry.  I just sat down here to write the first post in over a month and that commercial was on the TV.  Makes me heated.

Anyway… I missed you.

Things have changed.

I alluded to in a post right before I took my hiatus that things were going to change even more than originally anticipated when Bunny took her job making more money than God (okay not God… maybe what a small fast food restaurant makes in a day… no where close to what God makes… anyway…).  I had an inkling of what was going to happen… but didn’t want to speak before all the chips fell where they were intended to go.

Once everything was said and done… we flipped our roles.  I am now the stay-at-home parent, stay-at-home dad or acronymed as “SAHD”.  I swallowed my own pride and accepted that it would be selfish of myself to only work a 40 hour work week to make myself feel better. 

We as a family decided, after several hopeless attempts at finding some form of child care, that there was no one better than one of her own parents to stay and watch after her.  Our attempts were as follows:

We hired a nanny… but we caught her at a fast food in a compromising situation.

We found an at-home day care… but the night before we were set to check it out they filled their last two spots.

We hired another nanny for more money… but she quit because she had to help her dad move a horse or something.

A nanny we interviewed smoked.

A nanny we interviewed wanted to do a nanny-share with another family where she took DLG over to the other parents house several days a week.  Oh… and this family had a Pitbull and a Great Dane!  “They’re really great dogs,” she said, “They’ve never harmed anyone!”

Another nanny we interviewed had left her two young kids back home in Texas to escape from her abusive husband and was trying to make ends meet by being a nanny.

Now… were some of these people good people capable of taking care of someones kid? Probably so.  But not my kid.

Being a SAHD was not what I pictured myself doing.  But I can tell you it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever done.  I’m not just saying that to be cliché… it’s the truth.  I used to look at SAHD’s with a hint of sarcasm behind my eyes.  I did this because I grew up in a home where my father worked for 35 years while my mom was a stay at home mom!  I couldn’t picture it any other way!

I can’t take fully admit to being a SAHD though.  I was able to salvage a certain portion of my work, convince my job I could do the work from home and now have to orchestrate a 20 hour work week from home every week.  So… while I am at home instead of in an office… I’m putting in time on my computer doing work for my employer from home.  So… at least I feel as though I’m monetarily contributing to the family… even if it is only a fraction of the amount my wife now makes.

So… I now embark upon a new adventure!  A new lifestyle!  This blog will once again evolve.  With less available time to put in to my posts… my OCD tells me that my posts aren’t going to be up to the level I FEEL they should be. 

But I need this outlet.  I’ve missed writing.  I’ve missed my (5) readers.  I’ve missed writing about boobs.

I’ve missed…………. you.


No I’m not really crying.  But I do want you to know that I’m looking forward to fitting this in again among my daily routine.

I’m back.

Sometimes… some things are too precious to be left in the hands of others…

Oh… and I pierced my ears.  Sorry mom.



I understand that everyone’s situation is different regarding their kids and don’t hold myself to some higher standard just because I became a (work from home) SAHD.  That’s not it at all… our situation just made it possible for us to do this.  Just didn’t want to start a riot.


15 responses to “I Missed You

  1. It’s weird where life takes us. I never thought I would be a stay at home dad. Going on almost two years I still have internal tugs of war with it. I guess having a little blog has helped me keep my head some what. Glad your in the mix add me as the sixth man.

  2. I knew you’d come to your senses and just stay home with her. Good for you. 🙂

  3. Glad to see you back, Chris!

  4. Good for you guys…and especially your daughter. She’ll just learn to spit a little sooner with you at the helm!

  5. Cool. I hope you enjoy your new role. More time to Blog?

    Congrats to Bunny, but you know God is way underpaid.

    • chriskoenig4324

      Actually… less time to blog! Between being a full time dad, working 20 hrs a week, doing my housewife duties and trying to keep up with the baseball season… my freakin’ time is so limited…

  6. I actually know two girls, or young women, that work as nannies. One I’ve known for a long time even as she went through her “gothic period” I don’t think I would leave my kid with her, but she does work for a very important family here in Vegas so she has to be good – at least I’d think so. The other girl is just annoying as hell and I wouldn’t even leave my dog with her.

    If I had a kid and could stay home with him/her I would do so in a heartbeat. Whose better to watch the kid than the father? Also, the time they are young passes so quickly – I’d want to be the one who experiences all the “firsts” and not have some nanny tell me about them.

    On another note, it’s good to see you back. I hope you continue the blog – you’re a great writer with a great blog.

    Oh yeah, one more thing – you missed me?

  7. DUDE! welcome back im so glad ur bloggin. u have been missed, but family does come first. your blog will still be awesome maybe it’ll just be once a month and thats ok u have a lot on ur plate. just WELCOME BACK CHRIS!

  8. I am so unbelievably proud of you and Min. When Min and I were having these discussions via sweating our cute butts off on the treadmill…I hoped you both would decide to make your own rules. I always explain to my girls that we are not a broken home, we are a unique family, different than some and much like others. What’s important though, is that ONLY the three of us need to approve of our family structure, and happiness and balance can be found in many forms.

    You’re a great dad and I know Story is having a ball. And seriously, Chris, your wife is just MEANT to dress up and look hot every day 😉

    P.S. The girls and I are on our fifth week of church and we absolutely love it 🙂

    • chriskoenig4324

      Wow Billie. I’m so freakin’ happy you’re enjoying church. Also… thanks for the kind words!

  9. Oh. And man I’m glad you’re back because I literally have no time to blog anymore so I am living vicariously!

  10. SAHD is a tough gig. I don’t think I could handle it.

  11. I am so proud of you !! There is absolutely NOTHING more important than your child……..and I loved every minute of being a stay at home Mom all through my kid’s growing up years…..when it wasn’t the ‘norm’ anymore. I took a lot of flack from people who thought my life must be incredibly boring……when I cherished every minute !!! and I miss those days……I so miss them.

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