Five Questions I Have At 12:45 In The Morning

1.  What does this mean?

2.  The next top 20 hit?

3. Why would you get a family photo like this?

4. The next time Bunny gets pregnant… do you think we should get a photo like this?

5.  Can you add a caption to this?  Cuz I can’t…

Ahhhhhhh… I feel better.

More awesome “Awkward Family Photos” here on this differently colored text.


6 responses to “Five Questions I Have At 12:45 In The Morning

  1. Howy Cwap!! O about peed my pants on that last one!!!

  2. 1. “you get my heart, I get your soul”
    2. It’s a damn good thing, too
    3. I’ll never picture “family tree” the same way again.
    4. It’s even scarier, considering it was a high school yearbook photo.
    5. Please…please tell me somebody lost a bet.

    Love the AFP site. We should submit some of our own!

  3. I wonder if the McDonald Sisters are on iTunes…

  4. Those are hilarious. I recently discovered that site and have been spitting out food ever since.

  5. You know….this world is even wierder than I thought (if that is possible).

  6. I look at this site all.the.time… love it, as much as the people of walmart site! BAH!

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