I’m A T-Shirt Kinda Guy

It’s that time of year again: the annual trip to Arlington to watch the Texas Rangers play a couple of games.  Every year for the past three years I, along with several buddies, have taken this “guys trip” and enjoyed it immensely.

This year we’re playing the trip a little differently: we’re taking the wives and kids.

I, for one, am very excited to take DLG to her first big league baseball game.  I doubt she’ll remember any of it… but I’m determined to make her one of those “cool” chicks (at least cool to me) who really enjoys the classic game of baseball.

Bunny will not be going to either game… she’ll be watching DLG for one game and shopping with the girls during the second one.  That’s fine… I’ll win her over eventually… when Hell freezes over.

Anyway… we started the immensely fascinating job of packing this evening and I was once again blindsided by the ever-widening gap that transcends Bunny and I’s taste in clothes.

Don’t get me wrong… my wife is a spectacular dresser.  She up-to-date on what’s cool and fabulous and when it’s her turn to go out on the town while I stay home with DLG she doesn’t have to spend a dime for drinks, cover charges or parking.  Don’t believe what people tell you… having a trophy wife is really all it’s chalked up to be.

But herein lies a problem!  For all the times that Bunny looks fantastic in her glitzy top, designer jeans and Cleopatra-esque make-up… I crave to see her in a ball cap and pony-tail with no makeup, a t-shirt and workout pants!

My Photos | Mindy

Bunny dressed up.  Yes.  Nothin’ wrong with that.

I should let you know that I tried for a significant amount of time to try and find a picture of Bunny with a t-shirt on and WAS UNABLE TO FIND ONE!!! So I won’t have the “opposite” picture of the one posted above so you’ll have to use your imagination. 

She asked me to help her pick out some stuff for our trip and I came out of the closet with a couple t-shirts.  One of them was this yellow t-shirt that she “hated”… but when she tried it on I was seriously smitten.  She looked awesome.  Of course she doesn’t believe me but it’s fantastically true!  She doesn’t need all that glitz to tighten my pants.

On the flip side… what turns me on turns her off.  I’m a t-shirt dude.  I hate shopping for clothes at the Gap or Express for Men.  I enjoy buying those $10 Marvel t-shirts at Target.

Papa K dressed up?

Chi town (more to come!) | At the OKC airport on our way to Chicago | Mindy

… or dressed down in my fantastic Marvel t-shirt?

Case in point: for Christmas every year I buy Bunny a t-shirt and she buys me a dressy shirt or sweater.

So… men are from Mars and women are from Venus blah blah blah blah blah… what’s my point?

I don’t really have one… I really wanted to see if this phenomenon reached outside our household and to other married (or engaged, or dating or whatever) homes. 

So to recap, while I think my wife is sexy all the time… I wish I’d see her dressed down more often and vice versa in her thoughts regarding me.

How’s it work for you guys?


14 responses to “I’m A T-Shirt Kinda Guy

  1. If I could get mine to wear a Marvel shirt I would..

  2. I have to say the theory is right in that I like to wear girly shirts and would love to see my husband in nice shirts too; but we tend to wear t-shirts more. 🙂 Frankly I love that my husband still thinks I look good in just a t-shirt and jeans! Just sayin.

  3. I think Bunny’s duty as a wife is to once in a while, dress for you. If that means t-shirt and jeans, she wears it. She’ll shoot me for saying that, but it’s just what I think compromise is. However, being a very prissy girl who owns 67 pair of heels and only a few casual pairs of shoes…I know how she feels. While I do dress down to run around, I am almost always overdressed and that is just me.

    I’m making Bunny a t-shirt right now that says, my husband made me wear this.

    With rhinestones, of course 😉

  4. Haha! I love Billie’s t-shirt idea.

    I don’t know how Jim would feel, honestly. He loves me dressed in my daily crud, but frankly, he’s never really seen me dressed up since I have no money for a glam wardrobe. LOL!

  5. Marvel shirts are just cool.

    I blame my lack of fashion on my mother. When I was a kid we used to live in Germany and she would send me to school in corduroy pants, a button up shirt, and a matching corduroy jacket. I’ve seen pictures of myself as a kid in blue, green, brown, light brown, and red corduroy – not a pretty sight. I feel sorry for the past Tony.

    Now, I don’t dress up unless I really have to and most times you’ll find me in Crocs.

  6. The grass is always greener…

    Marvel T shirts are cool but I also think you need to dress up every now and then, like Don Draper from Mad Men

  7. As a totally unbiased person who has actually seen Bunny WITHOUT makeup and even in her pj’s, I have to say, she’s really, really cute that way. She has a light sprinkling of freckles, and I like that. Not many women can look as glamorous as she can, but also not many can manage to look appealing in their “daily crud” as Jenni put it. I think Jenni would agree with me that WE would also like to see you more dressed up sometimes; your wife has a great fashion sense and can pick out clothes for you whereas your mother is to blame for you lack of interest in such things – after all, I LET you wear all the Hammer pants and t-shirts you wanted! what a fashion plate!!

  8. I love my guy in a t-shirt, comfortable fitting jeans (true’s) and flip flops. Absolutely love it. Makes me swoon.

    He likes me in what you like your wife in. Pony tail, no make-up, and a t-shirt and jeans.

    But that’s just because it’s quickest… and anything to get me out the door quicker is sexier to him.

    Yet he double takes the ones dressed up! Explain that one to me!?

    • chriskoenig4324

      Speakin’ of jeans… I need to get me a new pair…. BAD! The last pair I got was about 3 years ago before DLG was born. In that time Bunny has bought about 30 pair… but her butt looks better in jeans than mine

  9. When I had one kid I used to dress up – although I have never worn make-up. I don’t even own any.

    Now that I have 5 kids, I just don’t care. Really. I am happy if my clothes don’t smell. It may sound yucky, or like I have no self-interest or confidence or whatever…but it’s the way it is.

    I can’t be the mom I want to be and take that much time to get ready anymore.(Not that it’s wrong to do that. Just doesn’t work for me with this big family.) I *think* my hubby is ok with that.

    I love him in a suit. I see that anout once every 4 years, which means I’ve seen it twice. I also LOVE him in a pair of good fitting jeans and a well fitting T-shirt. I see the jeans a lot, but his shirts are usually baggy, which I hate. But I don’t say much b/c I want him to be comfortable.

    I know he liked it when I was all young and hot and wore clothes that showed off my curves (and tattoos). But we just have a different dynamic now in our marriage, and it works. He still tells me how hot I am – even when there is spilled food on my belly and the kids wipe their hands on my legs, or I haven’t brushed my hair for 2 days or showered in a week. He’s a good man.

    • chriskoenig4324

      Understandable… I think that alot of people think they have to be dressed up to think the other person finds them attractive which isn’t always the case sometimes.

  10. When it comes to the weekend I have to tell my wife, “your not going to a business function and you don’t need the business causal it’s the grocery store.” I grab a t-shirt from her limited collection. Then she keeps asking if she looks okay. I say, “do you see where we live, just get to the grocery store take a look around and you’ll see you have nothing to worry about.”

  11. Pretty much the same here. I am most comfortable in something casual, and am always wondering if I am too dressed down to be seen with my wife.

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