A Place To Be Me

Day one of 30 posts in 30 days


By no means do I consider myself an interior decorator.  When I met Bunny I lived in a hole of an apartment where my room consisted of a twin bed, a 25-inch television, a Playstation, a stack of Maxim magazines, a poster of Brooke Burke and a desk that had been in my family for over 400 years.

If I hadn’t given up full decorating duties to my wife… I fear our house probably would have looked much the same way.  Granted… I’m a little more mature… oh wait, no… no I’m probably not.

I’m not complaining… Bunny makes the house quite the inviting and calming environment for any visitors we may have with her skills.  But through the years my decorating skills have now been limited to just the closet where my clothes dwell… and that’s just not acceptable anymore.

I need my space.  Or as what they call in some circles: A Man Cave.

A place to bring back my decorative skills…

As my family grows, as my Texas Ranger memorabilia expands and as I peruse this website… my appetite whets for its own space. 

I realize that perhaps Bunny needs her own space too… but I consider the whole house “her space” as she’s had full reign over where everything has been placed for years.

I know… don’t cry for me… but still… I’d be freakin’ awesome.

A few things to go in my Man Cave:

A few collectable stadium seats…

A nice little set-up to watch all the Texas Ranger games…

A couple display cases to display all (zero) of my autographed baseballs…

A kegerator stocked and full of Boulevard Wheat…

And a Kim Kardashian poster because c’mon… she’s my celebrity crush and this is a Man Cave!!

What would you guys put in your Man Cave (or Woman Cave if you’re of the female gender)?


And, as promised, I want to pass along a fellow blogger whom I read frequently… the first of 30 for this month.

I’ll start with whom I credit with planting the seed in my head to write and/or blog: my sister, Jenni.  She blogs over at One Thing.  You’ll find her stuff witty, imaginative, well thought out, spiritual, funny and utterly amazing considering the number of kids she has.  I’ll let you peruse her blog to find out how many.  She was and is my blogging inspiration so it’s only right that I give her top billing.

Click her button:

Okay… so click the blank box with the red “X” and it’ll take you there… for some reason it’s not working.


7 responses to “A Place To Be Me

  1. my man cave would be a bit geeky. I don’t have any autographed baseballs, but I do have a lot of autogrpahed comic art that I would put on the wall. I also have a few autographed Nolan Ryan things and a mini helmet autographed by Troy Aikman that my mom won in some contest years ago. She didn’t want it and asked me if I wanted it – what do you think? Oh yeah I’d have one of those lifesize Boba Fett or Superman statues that they used to sell at Sharper Image and a Michelle Rodriquez poster that had a voice chip in it so everytime you pass by it she would say, “blow me bitch”

    • chriskoenig4324

      I love that you’re a self professed geek Tony. I don’t like to hide the fact that I’m a geek as well.

      Okay… so… what exactly do you have autographed by Nolan Ryan? We might have to work out a deal here….

  2. Aw, thanks Chris. I appreciate the props.

    My woman cave would basically be a huge studio with a potters wheel and kiln, canvasses, paint, etc. Basically it would be a place where I could make a huge mess being creative and not have to worry about cleaning it up. I don’t know if that really qualifies as what you were looking for, but that’s what I dream about!

    A Robert Downey Jr. poster on the wall would be freakin awesome too, but I’d have to blame it on one of the kids, probably Molly, of course. It’s handy to have them around for that sort of thing.

    • chriskoenig4324

      That totally qualifies sissy. I think it sounds great.

      I also know what I’m going to get you for your birthday… I mean “Molly’s” birthday

  3. The next 30 days should be very, very interesting. I’ll have to think of some stuff for you.

    “Woman cave”…hmmm. I think mine just travels all over the house: whatever space is available and it will ALWAYS involve books.

  4. Cool ideas for the man cave! Replace the Texas stuff with Mariners stuff and I would be down with all that in one for me too.

  5. I hope you kept the poster of Brooke…I remember her BEFORE she took off her clothes.

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