A Truly Spectacular Performance

Day three of 30 posts in 30 days


DLG reading (yes, reading… okay reciting) then pooping… ON THE POTTY!

(you might have to turn up the volume a tad in the beginning)

Who knew that we could ever get excited about pooping?


And now… another fellow blogger the third of 30 for this month (1/10th of the way WOO-HOO!)

My Life As I See It isn’t necessarily a “daddy blog”… in fact it isn’t a daddy blog at all.  And that’s cool because I don’t exclusivly consider myself  a “daddy blogger”.  I’m more of a daddy/husband/hot mo-fo/boobs/baseball/beer/rant/movie blogger (or something like that).  I think Tony explains it best in his header as being a “regular guy living a regular life”.  We do share something in common: our love of the comic genre and movies and zombies.  While I affectionatly call myself a dork because “I ain’t skeered”… I am fairly new to being passionate about comic characters.  It seems that Tony has been passionate about it his whole life and it would reflect that in his man-cave.

So check out Tony in “My Life As I See It” (Or is it “Life With Tony“… i’m not really sure Tony!?)

You can also click on this image of Scarlett Johansson to get to Tony’s blog.  Scarlett makes him happy.

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5 responses to “A Truly Spectacular Performance

  1. That’s really cool. When my nephew was little that was one of the first books he loved and would “read”

    Thanks for the link. I know I’m not a daddy blogger, but if I had to, I think I could hold my own. My seven year old nephew and four year old neice have been with me for most of their lives so I know about staying up when they’re sick, rushing to the emergency room with breathing troubles, the first day of school, sitting in the first row during my nephew’s first Christmas program at school, first steps, first words, etc.

    Originally it was “Life with Tony” but “my life as I see it” came about when my friend claimed he didn’t scream like a girl when he got hit in the balls with a paint ball. I told him this was my blog with the stories as I remember them – for the record, he did scream like a girl

    Dude, I like tough girls in black leather – what can I say?

  2. Holy crap (pun intended), that was truly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her litte voice is adorable. However, I must say that I think YOU (can’t speak for Mindy) have always been rather excitable when it comes to poop.

  3. awesomely fantastic video. her squeaky little words are SO FREAKING CUTE!

  4. LOL! That was so cute! I’m glad you didn’t zoom in on the poop. lol!

    I love your new header!

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