I Won’t Forget About The Little People (i.e. You)

Day Seven of 30 posts in 30 days


Have you ever had that one idea that you know is going to make you a billion dollars?  Have you ever been so excited about something you could just snot in your pants?

Well… I’m telling you… I’ve got it.  My name is going to be up there with “Slinky”, “The Underwear Slit” and “Paper”.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, moms and dads, lions and tigers,  sausages and tacos, midgets and giants… may I present to you:


Notice the worn areas of the leg are now in the back!

Closer views show the hardly noticeable seam where the pants were cut…

… and then sewn back together with the knees of the jeans now turned 180 degrees. (Pictures provided by my mother who sewed these up for my father… and I got this wonderous idea)

Don’t throw away those pants with holes in the knees!  Give them to me and I’ll cut the pants off several inches above the knee and then turn the knees around towards the back side of the pants and sew them back on!! 

I’m telling you… Forward Facing Pants With The Backwards Facing Knees are going to be all the rage.  It’s going to be to 2010 what slicked back hair and cigarettes in your t-shirt sleeve was to the 1950’s.

Here’s what people are already saying about Forward Facing Pants With The Backwards Facing Knees:

“I dun love ’em” – Jimbo Surrender

“Whut? Oh yeah… I wore ’em to church on Sundays.” – Tom Kitten and James Flanderback

“I plan on wearing them for my next show” – Lady Gaga

The Forward Facing Pants With The Backwards Facing Knees are going to make me billions.  Be the first on your block to own a pair.  Get ’em while they’re not as well known… only $200.

I’ll give away a free pair… all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me how back you want them.


And now for the next fellow blogger on the list of bloggers that I’m showcasing for this month

If you wanna get your chuckle on… you gotta check out N*ked On The Roof.  I’m assuming the asterisk is there to take place of the “A” in the word “Naked”.  Unless it’s “Nuked On The Roof” or “Niked On The Roof”.  Regardless, it seems that Mr. N*ked (or Morethanelectrician… as he calls himself) enjoys taking time out of his day being an electrician to crack jokes on the public figures of this world.  I enjoy his random “Five Thought Of The Day” which are a pretty random mix of what’s rolling around up there in that brain of his.

So if you get a chance, check him out at N*ked On The Roof or click this picture of a roof to take you to his blog:

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5 responses to “I Won’t Forget About The Little People (i.e. You)

  1. I need to get me a pair of those. I can be a trend setter for once! Thanks man.

    MTAE is one funny dude. Good call on the recommendation.

  2. ahahha nice trend, you could even do back of different jean on the front of another.. ur gonna be rich! thanks for the suggestions on the other bloggers.

  3. Thanks for the SHOUT OUT…I promise to be a better commenter…been traveling a lot.

    That idea took too much work…I would’ve just photo-shopped the holes on the backside of the pants.

    You win.

  4. Some of these I have not scene (get it? 🙂 ). Anyway, I loved The Ring even though I generally do not like horror movies. Somehow that one just sticks with me. The exorcist is a must of course, and I can’t argue with anything involving Jennifer Love Hewitt. Some nice pics, man.

    • Oops, I meant to comment on the post above this one. My bad! Well, anyway, the front jeans with backwards knees thing is taking the old criss cross thing one step further 🙂

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