Top Ten Best Scary Movies Of All Time (That I’ve Seen Anyway)

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10. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

I saw this movie when I was six or severn.  One particular scene in this movie involves Pee Wee riding in a semi with a scary looking lady who is explaining how she came upon a truck wreck one evening.  As she builds the suspense you know something is coming.  Finally, as she explains the body they pull from the wreckage, she says “And the face looked something LIKE THIS…!” She then turns to Pee Wee screams with her face looking all twisted and grotesque. 

What looks hilarious now was incredibly frightening when I was six years old. 

9. I Know What You Did Last Summer 

When I classified these as being the top scariest movies I didn’t say I had to be scared to death in each single one.  I wasn’t scared to death in IKWYDLS… but I was enjoying looking at Jennifer Love Hewitt through my pubescent, high school sophomore body.

Save me from overdeveloping too fast…

8. The Ring

I sat through the whole movie thinking that it really wasn’t that good… until that chick crawled out of the TV set.  Then I was like “WHAT THE FU!!!!! ! TURN AROUND DUDE!!!  HOLY FUUUU!!!” 

“Uh… honey… we really need to get rid of this satellite because the pictures all fuzzy and… oh crap, now there’s some chick crawling out of the television.  I wanna refund on this crappy satellite.”

A truly classic moment if you like getting scared.  This was also the first movie of the “Scary Japanese People” movies.

7. The Sixth Sense 

Before M. Night Shamalongadingdong’s movies got really stupid… there was The Sixth Sense.  When the point came in the movie where you realized he was dead… I didn’t get it.  Then my friend had to explain it to me.  Oh-yeah… did I mention I’m an idiot.

6. Halloween

Chi-chi-chi-chi… cha-cha-cha-cha.  Those words are really scary.  You know if you say them faster and in a less ominous tone… it makes for a pretty spectacular jingle… kinda like the Macarena.

It’s about time to put that jumpsuit in the wash.   I heard this product was pretty good:

5. The Descent 

Girls go spelunking and run into some kind of underground-subhuman flesh eating beings and it’s really dark.  It can’t get any scarier than that.  Especially since I’m scared of the dark… and underground-subhuman flesh eating beings.

Billy Bob Thornton made a cameo…

4. What Lies Beneath 

This movie is like The Ring insomuch that I wasn’t that impressed with it until the end.  When that dead body of the girl floats up and turns her head towards Harrison Ford… I peed a little.  It also threw me off that Harrison Ford was a bad guy… Harrison Ford is never a bad guy!

I couldn’t find a scary picture from What Lies Beneath but I did find a cute picture of this kitten.  Isn’t she cute?  Tee-hee.

3. Signs

Another M. Night ShyWatermelon movie.  Even though the movie was about aliens… it somehow got me really scared.  I thought an alien was going to come around the corner of my apartment complex after I got home from the movie. 

I couldn’t find a scary picture from Signs so I used this picture of Meryl Streep.

This move also had Joaquin Phoenix in it… before he went crazy.

Joaquin… actor… and amish socialite?

2. The Grudge

Another “Scary Japanese People” movie.  Bunny and I saw this movie together in the theater and both of us couldn’t sleep the night after seeing it.  It was seriously almost a waste of cash because we really didn’t enjoy ourselves.  We were both jumping out of our seats the whole time during the movie.  Japanese people freak me out.

This was the part in the movie where she tripped and fell down the stairs and says: “Ow… I really hurt myself!  Someone call 911… I think I broke my spleen!” OMG it was oh so scary!

Little too extreme there on the eye shadow Scary Japanese Chick!  What?  You’re going to kill me?  Oh don’t be silly.  Holy balls AHHHHHHAHHHHHAHHHHAHHH!!

This is when the “Hello Kitties” showed up.

1. Exorcism of Emily Rose

All I can say is that this movie seriously scared the smurfs out of me.  There’s a difference in suspense scary movies, horror scary movies, bloody scary movies, ghost scary movies… and freakin’ demonic scary movies that could come true!  There is a point in this movie where demons visit at 3AM (the witching hour).  Wouldn’t you know it that that same night I saw the movie our dogs had to get let outside at… you guessed it… 3AM.  My sphinter loosened and I’m just glad I was wearing my adult diapers at the time.

“Don’t ever leave the toilet seat up because I FELL IN AGAIN YOU IDIOT!!”

 What movies are in your top ten that aren’t listed?


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13 responses to “Top Ten Best Scary Movies Of All Time (That I’ve Seen Anyway)

  1. Love The Descent. Fantastic and surprising (and Part two…hmmmm… s’okay!).

    May I suggest REC (It’s Spanish. It’s Subtitled. It’s scary!)

  2. Wow, your list was kinda my list. I remember thinking Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was TERRIFYING!

    I liked Last House on the Left…

    By the way, did the typeset whatever work to change your font? I cannot figure it out for the LIFE of me?

    • chriskoenig4324

      Yeah… I honestly haven’t been able to figure that out either. I can’t chance the size or color of my font…

  3. Good list, Chris. The only i haven’t seen is The Descent… gonna have to fix that! LOL

  4. Pretty good list, but I can’t even remember the last scary movie I watched. But…
    10. I personally think Pee Wee Herman is scary.
    9. How in the world can such a skinny-Minnie like JLH be so well-endowed?
    8. A Burnin’ Ring of Fire? Or what?
    7. Actually,yeah, this movie did scare me. And I still like Mr. M. Knight’s movies.
    6. I am PROUD, do you hear me? PROUD to say I’ve not seen a single, bingle Halloween movie.
    5. Cool poster.
    4. I can never accept Harrison Ford as a baddie (even though I liked the movie okay)
    3. Oh Pshaw, Chris..that’s NOT Meryl Streep.
    2. OMG…what if they make a movie called “Pee Wee Herman Meets Hello Kitty!”!!!!
    1. I haven’t worked up enough nerve to watch this one – although it is supposed to be a very accurate depiction of an exorcism.(your caption is hilarious).

    And now, just a little note to thank everyone for their prayers on my behalf, and for the kind words. I am feeling good now but am milking it for all it’s worth!Hehe.

    • chriskoenig4324

      Seriously glad your feeling better and I’ll reiterate my thanks to everyone for keeping my mammy in your thoughts and prayers!

      Love you mama!

  5. Jason Krueger Meyers- Hewitt

    You forgot the TX Chainsaw Massacre that you walked out on…you big ol patch!

    Face removal makes the Horror Show Instant Classic List….didnt ya know that

    LARGE MARGE! Insert peewee’s peewee joke here.

    • chriskoenig4324

      TX Chainsaw wasn’t necessarily scary… it was just gross.

      I actually have a seperate list of the 10 WORST movies of all time. Wouldn’t you know that TCM made that list!

      • Jason Krueger Meyers- Hewitt

        BAH! TX Chainsaw Massacre2 (w/ Dennis Hopper as Lefty) is one of the best there is.

        If you truly wanna have a scary movie night, come over to my house when we have all the kids and watch scary movies. I tend to throw some extra fear tactics in there!

        Also, where in the H3LL is Evil Dead 2??? DEAD BY MF’n DAWN, Yo!

  6. How about The Exorcist? That’s old school scary. Jennifer Love Hewitt had nice boobs back then. Too bad she’s so freakin annoying.

  7. For someone who does not like scary movies (on account of that I have nightmares about them – sometimes during the day when I’m awake) for oh, about a year after I see them, I actually have seen a few on your list. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure scared the bejeezes out of me when I was severn, too. (Yes, that typo is to match your typo).
    I have seen 10, 9, 8, 7, 4, & 3. And the previews of the other ones were enough to give me nightmares for at least a month.
    All that being said, my favorite things in this one were the kitty picture, and the Hello Kitty picture. Thanks for counteracting all the freakishness with things that make me laugh (and aww). 😀

  8. its not even that scary well i reakon anyways i find it pretty sad how gage dies 😦

  9. Moron, chi chi chi cha cha cha, isn’t Halloween. It’s Friday the 13th. And it’s ki ki ki ma ma ma

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