A Post Just To Make Up For A Day That I Missed During My 30 Posts In 30 Days

Day TEN of 30 posts in 3o days


So yeah… whatcha gonna do?  This is all I gotta say.  My throat hurts, my neck hurts,  I’m tired, the Rangers won, I’m happy, DLG is asleep, I have to pee because I’ve drank 40 glasses of water, I need to get my contact out because they’re really dry…


What?  You don’t give two poops about my 30 posts in 30 days?  Well… go jump in a vat of steaming hot chicken broth then.

Here’s a picture of our dog in a jack-o-lantern:

Yes he is a yorkie and no I’m not a sissy girl.

Much love readers.


I ain’t passin’ along any fellow bloggers this time.  I feel I’d be shortchanging whoever got blessed enough to be attached to this particular post.

Instead, here’s a funny video:


5 responses to “A Post Just To Make Up For A Day That I Missed During My 30 Posts In 30 Days

  1. I HATE that video! I was appalled and horrified when I saw it the first time about a year ago…that woman obviously broke something and was in so much pain; I can’t laugh at it. This is where I start to worry that too much media exposure to violence has numbed us as a society :o(

  2. you’re one of the few blogs that I check at work because it’s just so freakin’ good and worth bringing down the wrath of the She-Devil that is my boss if she finds me surfing the web. A lot of the sites are blocked at work so I can’t see the video, but I’ll try again when I get home.

    I like your idea of linking to the bloggers I think it’s a great way to showcase some of the other talent out there – I’m thinking of using your idea, but I’ll be sure to say it was yours

  3. I’ve read every single one of your posts so far. Just so you know. But sometimes I can’t comment on my phone. But they come to my reader.

    I FRICKIN LOVE that video. Poor thing, but you can’t help but laugh.

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