Five Questions

Day nine of 30 posts in 30 days (if you’re counting… I’m a little behind my goal of 30 posts a day for the month of June… don’t panic because I’m not).


1.  So… I guess the World Cup is happening soon or something?!  I don’t know because watching soccer makes me wanna jam my pants.  Apparantly, worldwide it’s the most watched sport!  Who knew?  All they’re doing is just running back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth with the occasional kick to the testicles:

Or soccer ball to your face that is now in desperate need for some reconstructive surgery:

So… do you like soccer and will you be watching the World Cup?

2.  Are you going to buy or rent this movie when it’s released on DVD (and Blu-Ray if you’re a rich mo-fo)?

You should do one or the other… because it’s pretty good.  Read my review of it here.

3.  Which of these three things do you think are real?

A. The Moon Landing

B.  This dudes biceps

C.  Bigfoot

4.  Which record would you rather break:

Usain Bolts speed record…


… or Joey Chesnuts record of 68 hot dogs in 12 minutes!

5.  What’s one thing you’re oddly afraid of?

I hate mother freakin’ junebugs.  Gross.


Okay… how about a quick linkosaurous as part of my “other bloggers I follow” promise I’m doing for this month.

Wanna know how a single mommy makes it?  Check out BillieSueLou.  She’s a family friend actually and a very good writer.  She’s also one of the few who participated in my Fanroll (wanna know how to get in my fanroll?  Click right here right now!)

BillieSueLou used to operate a different blog site but has now switched over to WordPress as her blogging operating system.  Us bloggers can never have enough readers or comments so pop on over there and comment her up

Or click on this photo to take you there:



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I’m pretty sure that BillieSueLou would want me to let you know that this picture is not of her… but rather just a file photo of a single mother with high rise pants.


10 responses to “Five Questions

  1. 1. Soccer sucks. I ain’t watchin’ it.

    2. Um, neither. Looks “inappropriate”.

    3. Moon Landing….maybe the biceps?? Definately NOT bigfoot.

    4. I’d rather break the speed record. But I’m more likely to break the hot dog one. I loves me a good hot dog.

    5. Dragonflies. My whole family teases me about it. They’re creepy. (Although junebugs could be a close second. Nasty f***ers.)

  2. 1. Nope

    2. Nope

    3. Don’t know about A or C, but B is definitely too stupid to be real!

    4. Oh how I would like to break the speed record. What awesome shape I would be in!

    5. House centipedes. They’re absolutely harmless, but I will shriek and stand on top of whatever I have to in order to get away from one. Which is kinda ridiculous, since they could climb up just about anything I’m standing on.

  3. 1. totally not too boring
    2. gonna rent, if funny enough purchase.
    3. moon is possible real, that dudes arms real, harry and the hendersons is not real its was a show.
    4. running, i still like hot dogs eating that may would make u sick of them
    5. hmm toss up junebug gross & big big spiders, and clowns.

  4. Hey… isn’t football the ssame? Do you look football? American football that is?

  5. 1. Goooooaaaaaalllll! I don’t watch it.

    2. Rom Com? It will be watched to please the wif.

    3. Nice guns, but Bigfoot is the real one. He lives up here and wishes the Sonics still did too.

    4. Eating that many dogs would make me wish for the speed record, to get to the can.

    5. Earwigs are my personal most hated.

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