You Gotta Give Me Points For Trying

Day twelve of 30 posts in 30 days.


I’ve always been a sucker for pigtails.

Perhaps it’s my infatuation with those square burgers at Wendy’s?

I just think it looks so cute… and I can’t really ever get my wife to sport it.

So… the other day while she was gone I took the liberty of trying to master some pigtails on DLG. 

Keep in mind… I’ve NEVER tried to do this before… and I think I wound up doing fairly well!  Wouldn’t you think I did okay?

In all honesty… do they really make little girls any cuter?

This is her “smiling”

I told her to dance… this is what I got.  This picture cracks me up.

Is your kid cute?  Well… you can show the world on my fanpage.  Here’s how you do it.


For the next round of fellow bloggers I’m displaying through this month I’m going to mention that you should most definitely stop by a blog called “BlokThoughts” not only does Shelle have a little girl who’s cuteness is only matched by my own daughter, she’s also… like… a professional blogger or something.  She runs BlokThoughts but also runs a relationship website called “In The Real World: Venus Vs. Mars“… a relationship website of which of which I’m going to be a guest contributor next week (don’t worry about forgetting about it… I’ll remind you).  Her stuff is witty and fun and I don’t know how she runs two blogs.  Yikes… I have enough trouble with this one.

So… click a link… any link above and it’ll take you there.


7 responses to “You Gotta Give Me Points For Trying

  1. I think you did a stupendous job on the pigtails, such a sweet surprise to come home to.
    For the record the pictures look like she has a crazy wrinkle down her forehead and nose…its a piece of hair!

  2. *ahem*…pigtails are plaited, dear; what you have there are commonly referred to as “dogtails”. Cute, though, very cute. The “smiling” picture reminds me of that one you captioned last time…where the girl is screaming about the toilet seat being left up!! Scary.

    Cool sandals, DLG. You rock.

  3. She’s the new Wendy! Very cute. Looks like she stole my dance moves. 🙂

  4. thumbs up, Chris! they’re totally cute (‘course, they can hardly help but be cute on that precious head…Story looks like she’s oodles of fun)!

  5. Her pigtails look better than when Paul does a single ponytail on River. Good job!! And those pics are incredibly adorable!!

  6. Very cute pigtails! Your daughter is adorable! =)

  7. SHe’s just so freaking adorable. And those pig tails are awesome for your first try at them!!!

    I’m honored honored honored to be mentioned! Thanks!

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