Point Me To The Closest Radioactive Insect

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Underneath this calm, cool, good-looking exterior… there’s a real dork.  I grew up a baseball jock but secretly was in love with comic books and superheroes.  While I never got around to collecting comic books or really ever getting involved with the other worlds that reside in comic books… I was always on the outside looking in at the phenomenom.

When I got older and really didn’t give two poops about what anyone thought… I started to embrace my nerdism and dorkdatude (it’s a word… look it up).  While I still don’t collect comic books, I subscribe to Marvel Comic Books website where I get various updates about whats going on in the Marvel Universe.  I have no idea what any of them mean… but it always amazes me what kind of imaginations abound at the Marvel Comic Book headquarters. 

I regularly visit the Comic Art Community Gallery where I pick out art that I think might transcribe well into a tattoo for my eventual superhero leg sleeve I plan on some day finishing.  I think that the art involved in comic books is so freakin’ cool.  I love the hard lines, bright colors, graphic art… and Black Cat.

Meow.  Uh… I need some milk for my Oreo’s there Mrs. Cat.

I would never claim to be a “superfan”… but I do love the “Superhero” genre and own every movie relating to it (including Catwoman).  I’m very much looking forward to the Captain America movie, the Thor movie and will shit my pants if they ever actually get around to making the Avengers movie… I don’t think it’ll happen.

So I have a question for you: which superhero would you like to be?  It’s a pretty standard question really but I think we can have a little fun and friendly interaction on the topic here at Hands To War.

(FYI – the following are just suggesstions.  You can be ANYONE you want… not just the ones that I list)

Would you be…

Ironman?  He doesn’t have “super powers” per se but he is brilliant!  And rich!  And an alcoholic.

Or would you rather be…

The Hulk?  Hey… he’s stronger than me but he’s got issues.  And he’s on the run.  And he’s pretty one-dimensional.

Maybe you’d like to be…

Gambit?  He’s mysterious.  He’s pretty nifty with that staff and he throws cards that explode.  I tend to like Gamit… I honestly don’t really know why.  Maybe I’ll name my next kid “Gambit”… hmmmm…

Or perhaps you’d like to go with my favorite…

A memoir of my Tattoos... a short history... | This is what spidey's going to look like when colored | Papa Koenig

Spiderman.  Yeah yeah I know… he’s every little kids favorite superhero.  I like his human element and the fact that he doesn’t really like having unique powers but “with great power comes great responsibility” so he feels it’s his civic duty to help his fellow man.  I feel that way sometimes (*ahem*… cough cough).  

I did get to meet him you know:

It was the greatest day of my life.

Now… if I could just get a chance to meet SpiderWOMAN!


So I ask you fellow (6) readers… who would you be?


And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting to get to… my BLOG LINK OF THE DAY (for the month of June)!!!

Appropriately… I’ve chosen Clark Kent’s Lunchbox.  God knows he really doesn’t need any more traffic.  One day I hope to gather as many readers. 

Aside from running CKL, Mr. Lunchbox also writes for Houston Family Magazine and a new magazine called Man Of The House.com.  He also wrote a book called “Sugar Milk” that’s like… going to be #1 on the New York Times best seller list very soon.  Aside from doing all this work, Mr. Lunchbox (his real name is Ron… I just think Mr. Lunchbox sounds awesome) has FIVE kids!  How he has time to do it all… I have no idea.

So, if you know what’s good for you… pop on over to Clark Kents Lunchbox and tell him whatcha think.

Click the lunchbox to take yourself there.

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19 responses to “Point Me To The Closest Radioactive Insect

  1. Super Grover. Even though he wasn’t one of your offerings, I’d like to be Super Grover. He’s the bomb.


  2. Caped Avenger. That’s Garfield, with a cape. I used to actually have a Caped Avenger tattoo, but he got sacrificed for my sleeve. He now resides under (literally) the Green Man.

    On the other hand, I was obsessed with the Wonder Woman TV show as a kid. I thought she was totally awesome.

    And I would have said Super Grover if my dear friend hadn’t beat me to it.

    • chriskoenig4324

      My sister would have to agree with you on Wonder Woman. Word on the street is they’re trying to make a movie of Wonder Woman. Kim Kardashian? Naw… maybe Jessica Biel or Megan Fox would be good.

      I had a buddy who had a Calvin tattoo on his leg. Always regretted it. I have a couple tats I wouldn’t mind getting covered up. Who’s “the Green Man”.

  3. dude can’t believe superman is not on your list, he would be my first choice. an alien who is trying to fit in with the human race and not be judged. c’mon. but from ur list it would be a toss up between gambit and spiderman.

    • chriskoenig4324

      Well Mandal… i was sticking primarily with Marvel characters. I’m not a huge fan of the DC characters and not a huge fan of superman because

      1. I hate that he wears his underwear outside on his pants
      2. He can do everything i.e. shoot lasers from his eyes, see through stuff, super strong, can fly, etc. etc. It’s just kind of overkill.
      3. Lois Lane annoys me
      4. His alter ego is silly… how can no one know Clark Kent isn’t superman? I mean… c’mon.

      I did like the new Superman movie though. Too bad they couldn’t keep going with sequels… seems they’re in some legal battle or something.

  4. I’d be the Hulk. Then I’d go to Walmart and fuck up all the peole who don’t follow directions by entering through the exit door, and vice versa.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg my friend. I could do some serious damage in that store. Many casualties!

  5. Gambit, definitely. But only because you didn’t give the option of being Storm.

  6. I already am a super hero. AM TOO!!!

    And face reality you silly boy.You just like the comics-genre because the women all have enormous boobs. Really. Have you EVER seen a super heroine who is normally endowed? No of course not. Stop drooling.

  7. So I have to agree with Mandal..I love Superman. I am certain its because he had his own show when I was growing up that I actually enjoyed watching every Sunday evening. But if I had to be anyone I would choose Catwoman..she is sexy and sly and looks pretty darn amazing in her catsuit.

    As far as your “leg sleeve” is it called a “sleeve” if its on your leg? Just doesnt seem right since you dont wear “sleeves” on your legs..

  8. I’d have to say that I’d be Ironman and not really because I want to fly around in a tin suit, but more because his alter ego, Tony Stark is just too cool. He’s good-looking, he’s freakin’ rich, he don’t care what anyone thinks, he has all the cool stuff in his ultimate “man-cave”

    If I were Tony Stark and capable of building all the things he’s built I’d have built myself a fully functioning R2 unit if for no other reason than to say, “R2, I have a bad feeling about this” when I saw the bad guys terrorizing the city on channel 13.

    oh yeah on last reason – in my world Scarlett Johansson would be Black Widow

  9. Forget being a superhero, even Wonder Woman. I want to be Pepper Potts.

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