I’m A Trend Setter

Day fourteen of 30 posts in 30 days


“Cool” trends that have gone before me haven’t had the staying power.


Racing stripes,

Hammer pants,

and the Face Hat.

But, I’ve truly got a trend for dudes like me with slightly longer hair that we have to keep brushing out of our eyes.  Its, like… so annoying. 

May I present to you… the forward-facing-ponytail:

“Heeeey… how’s it going?  You like the forward-facing-ponytail?  Alriiiiiiight.  What?  Yes… I invented it.”

“You lookin’ at me?  I’ll hurt you.  Oh… you’re just looking at my forward-facing-ponytail!  Yes… I invented it.”

No longer do you have to worry about hair getting in your face while you mow the yard, make the bed, change a dirty diaper, clean up dog puke with grass in it or gently snip the hangnail out of your big toe with your giant nail clippers.  The problem is solved with one tiny rubber band.

Look out history… here I come.

At least one person I know thinks it’s cool… and that’s all that matters really.


You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for me to give you a link to a blog I read

I’m guest posting somewhere tomorrow (6/15… I guess that’s actually today).  You’ll just have to wait.


2 responses to “I’m A Trend Setter

  1. I don’t remember the “Face hat”….. I must have been sleeping. I like your new ‘do!

  2. HELLO! Most awesome post ever! People need to GO GO GO READ IT!

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