Unbelievable House For Sale!!

Day sixteen of 30 posts in 30 days


We plan on expanding our family one day… and we will outgrow our current house.  So just last week we put our house on the open market:

It’s a little over 1500 square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a couple other interesting amenities:

Full size kitchen with LOTS of cabinet space!!

Master bathroom with his and her sinks and a JACUZZI TUB!!

Full size master bedroom!

Living room with fireplace and GIANT WINE GLASS!! (Couple doing it not included)

Guest bathroom with WORKING TOILET!!

Underground swimming pool complete with full view of underground shark tank! 

So… if you’re interested please let me know!  I’d be happy to throw in my wax figures of Brad and Angelina with a full price offer:

Viva Las Vegas | Hey!!  My friends B-Dog and Angie showed up!! | Papa Koenig


Seriously though folks… if you know anyone in the Oklahoma City area interested in a nice house that been a great home to us let me know… seriously…


Who am I going to refer you to for this next installment of blogs I read?

Well, like myself, she’s a Catholic, she loves to knit and she’s a midwife!  Okay… maybe I’m not those last two things but regardless she’s got a pretty stellar blog called Today Again.  I never knew the world of knitting was so intense!  Check her out by clicking the picture of the ball of yarn below:



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8 responses to “Unbelievable House For Sale!!

  1. Dude. You linked me. Thanks.

    I seriously hope that’s not a picture of your room with the “Twilight Freak” (as you call him) on the wall. Personally, (and keep it on the down-low) he’s my secret hollywood crush. I know, scary and weird. My husband just rolls his eyes. But it’s the character, man! The character (Edward) is what we want….not the British wussy actor. Edward is awesome and he *loves* her. We all want that. And he’s old fashioned. And gorgeous. Yep. All good. 🙂

    So anywho…Twilight rambling over….thanks for the link. I am actually on a bloggy vacation this week. But I’ll be back soon.

  2. You using a Realtor? I know a Great One! Me!

  3. Brad and Angelina look really sweaty. And that bathroom is going to give me serious nightmares.

    I hope your house sells quickly!!

  4. dude very cool hope ur house sells and that u find another beautiful home. you could hype it more though like “who wants a piece of memorabilia from your favorite blogger, well heres your chance. collect a one of a kind papak home”. ahha just sayin.

    • chriskoenig4324

      That’s a good idea buddy. What do you say? You wanna piece of Papa K memorabilia? Discount for blog readers!

  5. I’m with Jenni…that bathroom is the creeps. You really do need to clean it once in awhile. Hahahahaha.

    I’ve never seen your kitchen so…so…empty. Is that for real, or is it a picture from before you bought it?

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