Why Do Guys Go To Hooters?

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“Delightfully Tacky” – That’s how Hooters advertises their establishment and they live up to it.

Hooters was started by six Florida businessmen who thought, “Hmmm… lets have a restaurant where hot chicks bring out sub par food while dressed in high-waisted booty shorts and tight tank-tops!  We’ll call it ‘Hooters’ and we’ll have an owl with great big eyes like he just saw a big pair of hooters himself!  Hey… his eyes can even be the two ‘O’s’ in ‘Hooters’!  Is anyone writing this down!”

I wish I had thought of the idea honestly.  I mean, you automatically tap into 50% of the human population with every straight, red-blooded American male (cavemen) as potential spenders despite whether or not your food is even good (or in my case… gives you the ever-lovin’ runs the moment I walk in the front door of my house)!

Let’s not kid ourselves here… no one goes to Hooters for the food.  HONESTLY!  SERIOUSLY!  C’MON DON’T LIE TO ME!  Guys go to Hooters in hope that they’ll get the one waitress that has to put in her five hours of work a week to be able to compete in the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant.

I fit into that demographic.  I’m straight, I’m red-blooded, I’m American, I’m male and, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time at all, you know I love huge tracks of land (Monty Python reference… anyone… anyone).  I don’t frequent a Hooters but I’d be lying if I said I’d never set foot in one.  Only on special occasions have I ever gone to a Hooters i.e. fraternity outings (in college), bachelor parties, guys night out, bat mitzvahs, etc.  Never have I turned to Bunny and said, “You wanna go eat at Hooters tonight?  I’m really craving some wings.”  You know why I would never ask her that?  Because she  knows I’m not going to eat their food! C’MON!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

Hooters taps into the most blatantly obvious visual stimulation to sell food and people don’t care that they’re being led like lambs to a slaughter.

“Hey you… you want to eat these chicken wings that are guaranteed to give you the runs later?”

“No! Are you crazy?”

“How about a perky young college student with big hoo-hoo’s and booty shorts serves ’em up to you?  Would you mind getting the runs then?”

“Hmmm… do you have any artery clogging, high-fat ranch I could dip those wings into?”

Hi there cutie!  I hear you wanted the runs?”

Hooters uses boobs to sell food!  They’re not well-known for their food!  “Man… that Hooters has some GREAT food!” is not something you’re ever going to hear! 

For some reason, my oldest sister has a turned somewhat of a blind eye to what’s really behind Hooters “marketing strategy”.  My 17-year-old niece is in town for the summer because she’s gotten her first paying acting gig with a local theater group (Go Daisy!  Remember… I’ll be your bodyguard when you’re famous) and I called my sister up tonight to see if they’d like to pick out a place to eat with Bunny, DLG and I.

“We wanna go to Hooters!” was her response.

“Uh… I don’t really feel comfortable taking my two-year-old daughter to Hooters!” I said.

“Oh… we went there last week.  It’s not that bad!  Little girls in their Easter dresses were there along with some families and older couples.  It’s more of a family establishment!!” was her rebuttal.

I have to admit, I was a little taken aback.  I guess I remember there being kids in the Hooters restaurants I went to… but I always thought it was weird.  Somewhere in the deep inner recesses of my mind I always knew I definitely wasn’t going to take my daughter to a place where the main purpose is to look at hot chicks! 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against Hooters other than it’s blatant, “in your face” tactics at selling chicken wings.  Hell… Bunny even considered working at Hooters years ago when we were just dating as a way to make ends meet.   They’ve got no qualms in advertising what’s really so awesome about Hooters… they might have well just called it “Boobies”… then you still could have used to huge eyes for the two “O’s” in “Boobies”.

Quite simply, Hooters leaves less to the imagination than Olive Garden and that’s why dudes like it.  I don’t want to and WILL NOT expose my daughter to that… it’ll undoubtedly get shoved in her face eventually no matter how much I try to protect her from it.  In the meantime I’ll do my best to keep her from it.

Would you take your two-year-old daughter to Hooters?  Would you take your kid to Hooters?  Would you go to Hooters?  Have you been to Hooters?  Do you like Hooters (the restaurant AND the body part)?  Let’s see… tell me anything ANYTHING…


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Well, that’s a great question.  The answer is, “I’m trying”.

Some of it’s a little racy, a little wrong, a little profane and yet heartfelt at times.

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17 responses to “Why Do Guys Go To Hooters?

  1. Would never go. Have never been. Seems truly silly and obnoxious. Seriously. I have my own hooters to look at. And my husband has them. Why do you need bad food to see boobies? I would never take any of my kids there (obviously). I am not even really sure why they exist.

  2. Do you ever watch the show Undercover Boss? They had the owner from Hooters on there and it actually changed my feelings on the place, not that I ever really gave it much thought.

    I took my son there to eat one day when we were on vacation. I was meeting an old friend with his little boy and that was where they went for lunch every Friday. I admit I was a bit hesitant, but after going it wasn’t a big deal. The place was very clean, the food was surprisingly edible and the girls weren’t showing any more skin than you’re likely to see walking through the mall.

    • chriskoenig4324

      Hey Whit! Thanks for visiting man!

      I’ve never seen undercover boss. After you watched the show did it change your feelings on the place in the negative or the postive?

      • For the better. I kind of wrote it off as a bit trashy, but the show really showed that there is a lot of pride and heart behind the boobs.

        I still find it a little tacky for my tastes, but hey, that’s their tag-line, so who am I to knock it?

  3. have never been, there isn’t one in my area. would never take a kid there. but i did for some reason see that show undercover boss, of the guy who own hooters, i felt bad for the girls they were treated badly. i will also say it took me a while to notice that that girl was even holding wings. but we also take the opposite view would girls go to place doodlers, men waiting on table in too tight pants. good post yet again your like a well of never ending entertaining storys.keep it up.

  4. David Popowsky

    that pretty funny bro. Hooters sucks but people keep going to eat for only one reason…

  5. ROTFL @ Mandal and the idea of “Doodlers”…the mental image is just more than I can bear!

    The Monty Python reference might have had more impact if you had quoted it correctly, as in “Huge Tracts of land”, but no matter, the more pressing issue is what, exactly, are you and Kim K. going to “sever”?

    I’m picking on you mercilessly today! Oh wait! That’s no different than any other day! Why do you still love me?


  6. I have been to Hooters several times, most of the visits during my college days. In the scheme of things, I think it’s fairly tame and harmless. From my perspective, it seems like a good place for guys to have the ‘guys night out’, beer, sports, wings, girls….if you’re a girl and end up tagging along with the boys, you don’t really feel out of place (like you might at more risqué businesses). Family friendly? Maybe, maybe not. I personally think if you don’t make a big deal about it, then they won’t really get it. In fact, Hooters would meet the ‘restaurant requirements’ we look for when dining with a toddler—chicken (the only meat he will eat) and loud (so he doesn’t bother the other guests, as they can’t hear him cry). To me what makes it less family friendly is the atmosphere of people drinking a lot (since the food isn’t really the reason people come) and the swearing and actions that could come from watching sports and drinking too much. In that aspect, I wouldn’t take my child during a popular sports game or any time they may be busier than usual. To be fair, I wouldn’t take him to Buffalo Wild Wings during a game either. (and they have good food!) My son would probably like going to Hooters (I’m talking from a 1 ½ year old point of view) as he could eat his chicken and watch people and I know the waitresses would make a big deal over him which he loves. This doesn’t mean that I will run right and out and eat there with him. I would never choose to take him there, but if somehow we ended up there for whatever the reason…it probably wouldn’t be a huge deal.

    Did you know they sell Hooters brand wings in the grocery store? I think that’s hilarious! I just picture in my head a guy saying to his wife “I’m craving some wings honey, going to go down to Hooters!” and then the wife says “Look what I found at the store” and promptly serves up his favorite chicken wings making the husband have to stay at home and eat his chicken wings from the freezer! So then he misses out on all the ‘extras’ that Hooters offers and isn’t happy about it. It should be a commercial. Okay….it’s funny in my head and always cracks me up when I see them at the store.

  7. There used to be HOOters close to my house and we would go there all the time. Once one of my friends had his birthday there, a surprise thrown by his wife, and as soon as we walked in he said, “I hope I don’t get the pregnant Hooters girl.” We all laughed when the one pregnant Hooters girl came to the table to take our order. I was just at the Hooters Casino and Hotel the other night – they have really good chicken wings, or is it apple pie – they have food there, don’t they?

    • chriskoenig4324

      The last time I was in Vegas was probably the last time I was in a Hooters come to think of it. Bunny and I were with another couple there and the guy and I went to Hooters for our “guys afternoon”. We had some beers or something… I don’t exactly remember… they have beer there right?

  8. If only I could get John to register and share his thoughts on this.
    Oh yes, we have all been to Hooters. Different combinations of us, including the 3 of us with my 83 year old mother-in-law.
    John thinks Hooters provides an opportunity for him to model proper behavior for his son, in the presence of ample female -um- bodies.
    During middle school a father-son lunch at Hooters was earned by having a trouble free week at school.
    I do think that for said son,it was the chicken wings and an outting with his Dad that was the motivation more than the girls.
    But yes,all that modeling of proper behavior seems to have paid off.
    Hooters is just a resterant with low quality food that has a gimmic. Friendly waitresses who are built well.
    And they try to present that in a wholesome way that welcomes all genders and ages.
    As for taking your daughter there. At this point I do not think there would be any harm in it. But there are plenty of other places you can go that have better food!

  9. We’re the “grammar police”, Chris. Get it right! 😛

  10. Hooters is a disgrace to women. Come on this is 2010 women who have any decency would not pimp themselves out via food or appetizers unless they are ….

    And second, a lot of old geezers go there and give big tips to have a rub here and there.

    It is nothing short of an outdated prostitution ring.

    Why not just hang on the street corner and then you don’t have to beg for money by giving something under the table for an extra big tip.

    Get a clue. Not a 21st century thing but a 70s leftover for an old geezer hangout or a loser guy that can’t get dates so he goes there and then goes home and has a long hot shower. Real men don’t eat quiche they say.. well real men that have anything going for them in this century don’t go to geezer/loser hangouts!!!!

  11. This is why the ladies need “Pythons.”

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