Does This Diaper Bag Make Me Look Fat?

Day nineteen of 30 posts in 30 days


So I got harrassed by my sister the other day because on our way into Chick-Fil-A I got the diaper bag out of the car and starting walking towards the front door.

“BWAH HA HA HA!  You look like you’re carrying a purse!”  She cackled while my 17 year old niece chimed in affirmativly.

I responded, “”Well… I don’t give two living crap balls what any body else thinks.  I’m not trying to impress anyone!”

About thirty minutes later, a woman in Chick-Fil-A cracked a “joke” in my direction regarding my “purse-like” diaper bag.

“Your bag goes well with your outfit!” She smirked.

The friends she was with all laughed and I kind of shrugged my shoulders and said, “Hey… you gotta do what you gotta do ya know!”

Her comments kind of pissed me off actually.  Unfortunatly, being a somewhat prideful person, I deal with some issues being the lesser of the two breadwinners in our family in addition to being the more full time caregiver at this point in my life.  While I know she was just trying to be funny, I wondered if she was almost looking down on me!?  Probably not… but my insecurities started to get the better of me.

Do I need one of these?

Instead of this?

Hey… how’s it goin’?

Whatcho lookin’ at ya freakin’ freak?

Or… should I just keep on keepin’ on?

And maybe kick whoever makes a joke in my expense in the taint.


Want another blogger?

Alright… not only is Poop And Boogies the BEST named blog out there it’s also a very heartfelt and well written blog about one man’s “parent’s influence on him as a parent”.

PAB was quite honestly the first daddy blog that I happend across when I started this adventure of blogging.  He’s good and you should check him out.

Click the kid digging for gold to go to his site:

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4 responses to “Does This Diaper Bag Make Me Look Fat?

  1. That’s seriously the bag you carry around?

    Man, just get one of those canvas grocery bags and draw a skull and crossbones on it. 🙂

  2. Dude, you had me at Chick-fil-A. We don’t have any of those here in Vegas. Everytime I go back to Texas that’s one of the places where I have to visit before comming back here.

    As for the bag. What city do you live in? freakin’ closedmindedville? I’ve seen guys here with flashier bags than that and they didn’t even have a kid anywhere around them. Keep the bag and kick some ass – it would make for a great blog 🙂

    Besides, I don’t think any other guy will say anthing in real life – when you see a guy with a bag like that who has arms like yours you really don’t say much other than, “wassup, cool bag.”

  3. I think part of the issue is the rhinestone/buttons on the bag. Val has her Coach diaper bag she carries around, but when I go out with Mason on my own I carry around a Swiss gear back pack. It’s huge and looks much less mom-ly.

    This is the exact bag I have and I love it, in fact it doubles as a carry-on when I travel alone.

  4. I used a back-pack for a diaper bag 🙂 I had an LL Bean one that looked totally girly for a while, but I got tired of all the stupid comments so I changed to the backpack which worked just as well (actually better since I could carry it comfortably).

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