Here’s Me Pre Papa K Style…

Day eighteen of 30 posts in 30 days


Here’s me pre Papa K style when I was twelve with my nephew Caleb, niece Rose and my first zit!  Yes… yes… I vividly remember it.:

There is it!  Do you see it!  Right there on my nose!!

Here’s me pre Papa K style as a monkey… or at least that’s what Dave and Busters says:

Here’s me pre Papa K style in college with a ridiculous chin pube goatee:

Here’s me pre Papa K style eating a giant bowl of lil’ smokies:

Here’s me pre Papa K style (on the right) in a skit I did in college where we were pretending to sell Hooters chicken breasts (not wings):

Here’s me pre Papa K style in front of a burning apartment complex with a look on my face like I just shat my pants:

Here’s me pre Papa K style as Superman for a Halloween party:

Here’s me pre Papa K style in an elevator in Las Vegas looking like I’ve sucked to much oxygen at the hookah bar:

Here’s me pre Papa K style… well… I don’t really know what I’m doing:

Here’s me pre Papa K style about to throw up on a Carnival Cruise:

Here’s me pre Papa K style (as Borat) when I met Jesus:

Here’s me pre Papa K style as a pasty white douche with a hot chick who eventually became my wife:

I ain’t got much today… sorry…


What blog am I going to recommend you visit next?  Hmmm… let’s see…

How about Tales From The Dad Side?  He’s got some good stuff… and I like his theme.

Check him out… or I’ll subject you to more pictures of myself.


4 responses to “Here’s Me Pre Papa K Style…

  1. The one that you don’t know “what you are doing” looks like you have your hand in your pocket. I HOPE you are going for your keys.

  2. I’m sorry to say that I agree with morethananelectricion on that photo…if I remember correctly, that was part of mom’s grand plan for a Christmas letter photo montage (you were supposed to be looking up in awe, I think?), but the pose you’re striking isn’t exactly what she was going for…

  3. Actually, I don’t think Chris was even supposed to be part of the “grand plan” montage (only grandkids)….AND…it turned out really well too (grandkids are good at the “awe” part; smarty-pants college kids, not so much).

    You are SO pasty white in that last picture, are you sure you’re not part of the “Twilight” cast?

  4. As far as diaper bags go, you gotta do what you gotta do, though that particular colour and all the buckles…

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