Happy Father’s Day Homies

Day twenty of 30 posts in 30 days


So this post comes at the last-minute of fathers day… but hey… it’s still father’s day.

Not to sound too cliché… but becoming a dad will change your life… for the better.

A short collection of some of the better pictures of DLG and I.

So you can’t actually SEE HER in this picture… but she’s beneath a layer of clothing, some skin and a uterus.

DLG’s first day home.

DLG knows good looks when she sees them.

I’ve tripled my kissing output since I became a father.

They grow up so quick… but I didn’t know I’d have to teach her how to shave before poop on the potty.

DLG’s first day at the pool.

 Story Lynn Koenig | Beautiful blue eyes | Papa Koenig

It’s hard to find them much cuter (I’m talking about her… not me).

The only reason I won Best Costume at my work was because DLG was my accessory.  You can’t lose with cute.

Dancing… and one of the few times I actually like my smile.

A few moments on Miami beach before my pale skin burst into flame.

Reading in her princess chair.

I wake up and look like that.  She wakes up and looks like that.  She wins.

Learning to paint like Picasso.

DLG trying to rip out my larynx.  That white blotch in the picture with two black eye holes is my face.

DLG and I in my Mecca: Texas Rangers Stadium.

Being a father is the single greatest accomplishment of my life.  I really wonder how one man could  be so surrounded by the beauty in my daughter and in my wife.  I am truly blessed.

Happy fathers day to all you dads out there.


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6 responses to “Happy Father’s Day Homies

  1. Awesome, Chris. Those are great photos!! You wear Fatherhood incredibly well.

  2. Great pictures, man! I’ve seen some of those before (I think I saw those mustache ones on someone elses blog once but I’m not sure ). Anyway, happy belated fathers day. hope you enjoyed yourself.

  3. I love your picture posts. I love to read, but sometimes pictures say so much more… or I’m just lazy.

    I believe the best picture of you is the wolf one 😉

  4. Hope you had the happiest of Father’s Days Chis.

  5. something in the open back real estate sounds right. how did you decide on the first? that’s where I’m still stuck. sometimes I go running in nearby cemetery and see these stones that say nothing buy “Father” – something about that. for everything else we do and aspire to, maybe that’s all that lasts…

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